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Chapter 225: Tempting the Reaper

Ye Xiaotian shot a furious look at Xu Xiaoshou, signaling to him it wasn’t the time for him to keep talking.

“Hallmaster Jiang…”

“Cheng Xingchu wasn’t his match. We admit that much.” Jiang Bianyan eased his temper, picked Cheng Xingchu up, and walked away.

There was no longer any way they could get the slots they were after.

You people from the Tiansang Spirit Palace are quite something.

That young lad, Xu Xiaoshou…

He finally realized why that masked man had extended his invitation to the kid. That kid was a monster!

It seemed like he didn’t even need to do much to deal with Cheng Xingchu and even left him unconscious.

Seeing how casually he did it, Jiang Bianyan wondered just how much of his power the lad had put into it.

70 percent?

90 percent?

Jiang Bianyan’s mind was a scattered mess. If such a young man was now part of the spirit palace, that would mean that the place would become even more prestigious.

“Master Ye, Master Qiao… I shall take my leave as well.”

Yu Zhiwen bade the men farewell and walked behind Hallmaster Jiang.

After the guests left, only the four of them remained in the hall.

“Xiaoshou, you’ve gone too far this time!” Qiao Qianzhi remarked.

“Would he be coming to kill me for this? You know, like the old guy behind the little guy standing up for the little guy who got beaten up good?” Xu Xiaoshou said, looking rather uneasy.

“Probably wouldn’t happen. It’s the Holy Divine Palace we’re talking about here, after all…”

“What about Cheng Xingchu then? Could there be like a Cheng family and such seeking revenge?”


No one knew what else to say.

“There is,” Zhao Xidong said with a stiff nod, feeling quite amused. He enjoyed watching Xu Xiaoshou take a stumble.

Xu Xiaoshou walked past all of them with a look of despair on his face. His steps were heavy as he walked back into the hall like he was crying without shedding tears.

“I’ve bled for the spirit palace, I’ve rallied to the side of the spirit palace, yet here I am, suffering all this unknown pain all on my own…”

Ye Xiao and Qiao Qianzhi looked at each other, and the expression on their faces showed some compassion.

“Relax, kid. The spirit palace will undoubtedly protect you. And all the rewards that you’ve promised are yours to keep.” Ye Xiaotian declared as he stepped into the hall.

Before they knew it, Xu Xiaoshou was taking the cobblestone-like ‘Origin Residence’ from inside the hall with a gleeful look on his face. He then took out a stamp which was of the size of a fist and handed both items over to the elders.

“Masters, please do me a favor and fix it for me. I plan to hide inside if those people come looking for me.”

Ye Xiaotian, “…”

Qiao Qianzhi, “…”

Zhao Xidong sighed in resignation and nothing surprised him anymore with this lad.

Cursed, Passive Points +3.

“So, you have dug the Spirit Mark of Life out

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