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Chapter 305: Fake Magic Pill?

“Is it a magic pill?”

“Is this the… Red Gold Pill?”

Seeing the golden magic pill in Xu Xiaoshou’s hand, everybody was dumbfounded.

The blast of the stove was so loud that Yun He was even blasted unconscious on the spot. Yet, this young man claimed that it was merely a normal process of making the magic pills.

It was not so incredible if he had just talked about it.

Having said that, Xu Xiaoshou had somehow pulled out a magic pill from the stove’s debris.

Shi Ti was frozen like a wooden chicken.

He stared at the magic pill in Xu Xiaoshou’s hand in a daze. He raised his eyes to check the young man’s face.

“Are you kidding me?”

“I’m not. This is really a magic pill I’ve just made.” Xu Xiaoshou showed a serious expression on his face. “As I said, what I’ve just gone through is the normal process of making magic pills.”

Shi Ti took the magic pill in his hand and sniffed it, which was his subconscious behavior.

Without this subconscious behavior, he could easily figure it out simply by feeling the temperature of the magic pill and smelling its medicinal fragrance.

He could tell it this was a magic pill that had just come out of the stove.

Xu Xiaoshou hadn’t lied.


He raised his head sluggishly and swept the crowd of onlookers with his gaze.

He had just scolded and yelled at the young man, and he hadn’t done something like that for decades. ‘Am I in the wrong?’

If he told this thought to others, questioning why he got so upset, his respect as a master president would have been lost.

This magic pill seemed to be something else rather than a Red Gold Pill. It was more like a slap on his face. Shi Ti felt like his face had been slapped unmercifully.

Shi Ti returned to his senses.

He recalled the letter from Old Man Sang.

“Forgiveness is a virtue.”

“Generosity reflects one’s civilization level.”

“Ahem!” Shi Ti started to cough violently by covering his chest with his hand.

Everyone looked at the president, who was hunched over.

He gazed at the magic pill in his hand.

At first, the expressions on everyone’s faces were incredulous. Even though some of them, such as Shi Ti, had the ability to perceive the magic pills, they still felt this was unbelievable.

Judging by the reaction on the president’s face, it was plainly obvious.

“Is this really a freshly made magic pill?” Fu Yinhong asked hesitantly. She approached the president and took the Red Gold Pill from his hand.

It felt warm and smelled fragrant.

She felt like her soul had been pugnaciously assaulted.

“How is this possible?”

Was it possible for someone to achieve this in the blasted stove?


It dawned on Fu Yinhong that nobody had believed Xu Xiaoshou ever since he started talking.

Though his words sounded rather outrageous, what he said seemed to be mostly true when she thought of it in retrospect.

“Did you really make

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