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Chapter 182: Goodbye, Tianxuan Gate!

“I sure hope the guy survives this…” Xu Xiaoshou prayed inwardly.

“Well, I guess it serves him right for daring to mess with Jie here. Seems like he doesn’t quite get the concept of ‘never judge a book by its cover.’”

After seeing Zhou Tianshen disappear inside the portal, Xu Xiaoshou was feeling rather flattered.

“That thing opened right here to pick me up instead of appearing somewhere near the gate, huh?” he thought. “Is this some kind of reward for those who go out of their way to get things done?”

“Jie!” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the puppet child, and his mouth twitched for a bit. “We’re leaving.”

Jie looked at the portal, a flicker of doubt in its eyes. “Mama…”

“Shrink!” Xu Xiaoshou didn’t bother yapping with it. Judging from the information he’d learned earlier, it would be very difficult to maintain that portal, even if it was Ye Xiaotian doing it.

Jie hesitated briefly before shrinking into a metal ball and hovering over to him. Xu Xiaoshou immediately grabbed hold of it.

“Remember. After we get outside, do your best not to take your original form in places with lots of people. Only attack when I give the order.

“Don’t go about stirring trouble, understand?”

The two red dots on the ball flickered, and Xu Xiaoshou nodded with satisfaction, yet he nonetheless had to add, “If you do something wrong and get sent here again, I won’t be able to do anything to save you.”


“Be a good boy, and I’ll get you a girlfriend someday.”


The metal ball didn’t respond. Xu Xiaoshou stuffed the metal ball into his shirt and flew toward the portal and walked into it.

There was a flicker of light, and he disappeared.

The Tianxuan Gate was finally quiet again.

It’d only taken two days for the situation to go from abundant spiritual energy to looking like it was doomsday. He wondered what would’ve happened if the place had stayed like that for one more day.

It was fortunate that the Sky Tree had been sent there in time and that he did his best to salvage the world.

All in all, everything had turned out fine in the end.

With the exception of some poor, lost dude, and those world-stabilizing treasures that had been lost…


The winds howled, and it started to snow again. The sky was patching together, and the world seemed to be on the right path again.

The portal flickered, then flashed in the Council Hall.

“Hahaha, I, Xu Xiaoshou, am finally home!”

He was slightly disoriented, yet he recovered by just shaking his head for a bit and opened his arms to hug the sun that was setting in the mountains.

Watched, Passive Points +472.

“Holy sh**!” he thought.

He was immediately startled, feeling rather dazed by the fact that he was being watched, yet the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch when he saw the three digits behind the notification.

“I’m still best suited to places with lots

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