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Chapter 147: He is Very Gentle

Five men were gathered inside a dim, cramped room.

Qiao Qianzhi added a pair of chopsticks and a bowl for Zhao Xidong. The task of guardian was hard, so he deserved such treatment.

Zhao Xidong finally go to taste the coveted food of Elder Qiao and was almost moved to tears.

A big red ham in sauce slid into his stomach, and a glass of fine wine burned his throat.


He heavily slammed the cup down on the tabletop, feeling a great sense of pride.


There was a crunching sound that clearly hadn’t come from the tabletop.

The four people next to him froze and looked at Zhao Xidong and then behind him.

Zhao Xidong’s heart skipped a beat.

“No way, not again!”

He turned his head with difficulty and found that the bead above the “Twelve Beads Spiritual Curtain Plate,” which had lost its protective power of the barrier, was cracked and appeared dim.

“It can’t last long, as expected.” Xiao Qixiu let out a sigh.

Since the three layers of protective barrier could be broken through, he figured that the seal couldn’t stop the spy either.

“Perhaps it’s like what Elder Sang said, and they’ve sent someone in to intervene in the Tianxuan Gate?” Elder Qiao frowned.

Ye Xiaotian looked at Elder Sang. “What do you think?”

Elder Sang sucked his finger and said calmly, “Maybe what you said is true, and the current situation isn’t the worst yet.”

Everyone was startled. Even though they didn’t want to admit it, this could most likely be the case.

On the first day of the disciples entering the Tianxuan Gate, they’d already lost two of the treasures that protected the barrier. What would happen in the next two days?

“Don’t worry. Those people should have a sense of caution. After all, if more than four treasures are taken, the Tianxuan Gate will blow up, and they won’t be able to come out alive,” said Elder Sang.

The Tianxuan Gate might blow up?

Zhao Xidong was stunned. This was his first time hearing this, and it made him think of his earlier dream.

It was a possibility that his dream would come true.

Qiao Qianzhi was anxious. “Then it’s necessary that we intervene right away. Otherwise, what will happen to our disciples inside the Tianxuan Gate?”

Elder Sang calmly waved his hand. “Don’t worry. The Tianxuan Gate won’t blow up. No one will die.”

“Are you sure?” he thought. “I’m afraid there is a possibility!”

Ye Xiaotian found the old man was as stubborn as ever and couldn’t help but say, “Your two disciples are still inside!”

“Yes, they are still inside.” Elder Sang didn’t show the slightest hint of anxiety, which made the other four people feel worried.

As Ye Xiaotian was about to speak again, he saw the old man turn his head sideways, his thin eyebrows knitted as if he’d thought of something.

Elder Sang had a flash of inspiration.

If Xu Xiaoshou had followed the map he’d given Mu Zixi, then he should’ve rea

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