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Chapter 160: A Trigger! The Raging Giant!

The grey mist figure was baffled.

The “Celestial Dragon Seal” it’d hidden from the heavens to cast had completely disappeared after entering that kid’s body. How was this possible?

What just happened here? There was some kind of treasure… inside that kid’s body? But what kind of treasure could block his Six Paths Sealing Art’s strongest attack and even devour that dragon?

“What the…”

The grey mist figure was stunned. If Xu Xiaoshou had any strength left to resist after all of that, then maybe it was its turn to run.

All of the spiritual source in its body… was truly completely gone, given that it’d even spitted blood. There was simply no way it could squeeze out another attack.

However, the grey mist figure looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who’d been rendered immobilized where he stood, and hesitated.

“Is he truly sealed now? Or is this… some kind of trick again?” The grey mist figure felt rather scared.

Given that the dragon had been completely snuffed out, it doubted whether that attack had actually sealed everything inside Xu Xiaoshou.

If this really was just a trick he was pulling to lure him out at his weakest and then kill him directly, then…

The consequences would be unthinkable.

There was no on else around at the moment besides for the girl who was in a coma. The grey mist figure took out several pills and swallowed them.

Some bit of its spiritual source regenerated. Seeing that Xu Xiaoshou still wasn’t moving, it gritted its teeth and took out a sword from its ring before charging at the kid.

This one strike would determine who lived and who died!


Thump, thump.


The dragon had been snuffed out, yet Xu Xiaoshou’s consciousness was still trapped inside the Origin Court. He was still able to think, but he couldn’t feel or move his body. He couldn’t even open his eyes.

It seemed like… his soul had been separated from his body.

At that moment, he suddenly sensed danger and knew that the grey mist figure had definitely made a move.

Yet he was unable to do anything.

“So I just have to wait here to be killed?”

All his passive skills were sealed, and he had no idea if the effects of his Master Level physique were still there.

If the effects were no longer there, the grey mist figure would probably be able to skewer him right away with the blade.

Even if the effects were still there, if he were unable to regain control of his body, the sealing power would probably just keep wearing him down and he would still eventually die.

“I need a trigger.”

He needed only a single trigger to enable himself to regain consciousness. Then he would be able to take that grey mist figure down.

If his guess was correct, that thing probably had little to no spiritual source left, even if it was at Master Level.

He looked at that red interface above him, wanting to call out to it, but was unable to

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