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Chapter 149: Roundhead?

For the first time, the Black Fallen Scabbard emotionally moved Xu Xiaoshou.

It never gave in, and was a touch aggrieved.

Xu Xiaoshou was overjoyed, and he wondered if it could communicate with him.

This was a good thing!

“As long as you can communicate with me, recognizing me as your master will happen soon enough,” he thought.

He patted the scabbard and comforted it, saying, “Don’t worry. As long as you keep following me, you’ll become famous on the continent.”

The Black Fallen Scabbard didn’t respond.

Xu Xiaoshou frowned, and he wondered if the scabbard didn’t like the way he tried to comfort it.

“Don’t look down on little Hiding Pain. Although it’s currently weak, it might become a popular and famous sword in the future, so you don’t have to feel aggrieved,” he tried persuading it.

The Black Fallen Scabbard still wasn’t moved.

Xu Xiaoshou started to become impatient. “Life is like having sex,” he scolded it. “Since you can’t refuse it, you’d better enjoy it!

“Anyway, you can’t even run away from me, yet you’re still so arrogant. You’d be better off listening to me. But if not, I don’t care!” he snickered and flew forward, yet his Sense still continued to carefully observe it.

The Black Fallen Scabbard stirred with a great deal of anger, and Hiding Pain inside it became so scared that it almost came out.

Xu Xiaoshou held the black sword down with his hand.

He was only kidding. If he drove the sword away now, how could he make the scabbard yield later on?

The scabbard wouldn’t yield while Hiding Pain was sheathed inside it, so he couldn’t just let the sword come out. After the matter was settled, he intended to use this scabbard to develop many powerful moves!

“Don’t make a scene,” he told it. “With me, you’ll have meat to eat. Or, I’ll help you find your former master. Are you still upset because you were abandoned?” Xu Xiaoshou inquired.

The Black Fallen Scabbard showed a hint of joyful emotion.

Xu Xiaoshou looked pleased, and he wondered if this was, in fact, the reason why the scabbard was so stubborn.

“Did someone really abandon you?”

The scabbard became angry.

Xu Xiaoshou was amused. It turned out that the sword’s breakthrough had come from the previous master. That was fantastic!

“How about this. You stay with me for the time being, and I’ll try to help you find your former master. But I have no idea if he’ll want you back. After all, he threw you into this sh*tty place,” Xu Xiaoshou said casually.

Having had such a breakthrough, he believed he could eventually win the heart of the scabbard.

This scabbard seemed rather powerful, so it’d be worth the extra effort.

The Black Fallen Scabbard seemed to hesitate.

Xu Xiaoshou added, “I don’t know how long you’ve been here, but if you don’t come with me, you’ll have to live your whole life alone when I leave in two days.

“And no new master, let alone the old

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