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Chapter 169: The Nightmare has Come True?

[The Council Hall, Inner Yard]

As Jiang Bianyan sipped his cup of hot tea, his thoughts were somewhere else.

It wasn’t until he had gotten into the Inner Yard that he’d discovered the tense atmosphere of the place, where everyone was ready to strike out at anything. It differed totally from the Outer Yard, and the two locations felt like two different worlds to him.

He frowned as he shot a glance at the men-in-black under the tree by the old pagoda next to the entrance. “Palace Lord Ye, is there a need to have such a conspicuous presence?” he asked.

Jiang Bianyan simply didn’t believe that they positioned there those people for him. There was only one possibility—the “Holy Servant” mentioned in the letter had requested help.

“Is there such a need, you ask?”

Ye Xiaotian put his cup of tea down and replied, “The three of you have come a long way, so I’ve arranged for your lodging for the duration of your time here.”

He didn’t even bother explaining.

“Conspicuous presence, you say?”

“I wish we could have a more prominent presence!”

Jiang Bianyan touched his grey sideburns and wore a rather irked expression.

He had not seen Ye Xiaotian bear any semblance of a pleasant disposition ever since he entered the spirit palace. He cursed to himself—God damn it!

Qiao Qianzhi noted the prevailing tension and elaborated. “Hall Master Jiang, there are some minor incidents in there that need to be attended to. I beg your forgiveness for not being a good enough host.”

Despite his more amicable tone and choice of words, his persuasions were identical to that of Ye Xiaotian.

“The Tianxuan Gate is in great peril, and it would have been better if they had sent us a more formidable force.”

Yet there was only one who was considered formidable enough in their group.

But it didn’t matter—it would not do them any good getting on their bad side. He only hoped they would stay out of their way, at least.

Jiang Bianyan could tell that the two officials were desperate. Curious to find out more, he asked, “minor accidents?”

Qiao Qianzhi looked at the spirit wheel in Zhao Xidong’s hand. Four pearls were flickering, and they looked like they would be snuffed out at any moment.

“Just some private matter.”

Cheng Xingchu was already fuming by then, on account of how these officials were being evasive with them, although it was they who asked for help to begin with. In his view, this was nothing less than an act of contempt to the three of them.

He was just about to speak when he caught sight of a silver-haired young man on the main seat, and it caused him to swallow what he was about to say.

“If I’m not mistaken, that would be the ‘Spirit Curtain Wheel of the 12 Pearls,’ am I correct?” An icy, calm female voice filtered from his side.

Qiao Qianzhi looked at her and answered, “That is correct.”

“The wheel is spiritually tied to the Tianxuan G

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