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Chapter 178: The Spirit Place with full of hidden talents

Yu Zhiwen watched, mouth agape with amazement.

Even though she had a veil covering her face, the look of surprise on her face was evident to everyone around her.

“The Central Region?”

“That is right!”

Jiang Bianyan nodded and added, “How do you think Tiansang Spirit Palace could rise to power so quickly? It has only a couple of decades of history and yet it has already surpassed over ten Spirit Palaces within its vicinity.”

“And they could not have attained all of their achievements without Ye Xiaotian!”

He paused and thought wistfully. Then his eyes suddenly lit up, and he murmured.

“Had he been born earlier and experienced a few more years of cultivation, he would probably have qualified for one of the Ten High Nobles of the Central Region.”

“If that is the case, then he wouldn’t have had stooped so low as to come to such an insignificant corner of the world.”

Being continuously fed with such revealing information, Yu Zhiwen felt she had benefitted a lot from her visit that day.

“The Ten High Nobles?” Yu Zhiwen asked curiously.

However, Jiang Bianyan stopped answering her questions. He shook his head and said, “You are far from their level. Let us not dwell on this topic. We did not come here for this reason. Let us get ready for the White Cave affairs first!”

Yu Zhiwen nodded slightly. Although she looked calm on the outside, her mind was still filled with doubts and even more questions.

Space Elemental power. Was it that powerful?

It seemed reasonable. Yu Zhiwen had not seen anyone with that kind of elemental power, even at the headquarters.

“That’s right!”

She suddenly thought of something and said, “I have heard that the last Palace Master was the man who must be given the most credit for the rise of Tiansang Spirit Palace. What is his name again?”

Yu Zhiwen frowned as she tried to recall the name.

Jiang Bianyan smiled gently and answered, “Elder Sang.”

“This old man retired many years ago. He is presently holding the title of the Inner Yard Vice Dean and is hardly at the Spirit Palace. He frequently travels to the different regions.”

“Hm, I think he returned recently, yet nobody has seen him at all this time.”

“Elder Sang?” Yu Zhiwen asked curiously, “Between him and Ye Xiaotian, who is stronger?”

Jiang Bianyan appeared amused by the question. He chuckled for a moment before answering her. “Little girl, remember, this is not an issue about who is stronger.”


“Would you not say that Ye Xiaotian is exceptionally powerful?” Jiang Bianyan replied to her with a question instead.

Yu Zhiwen looked over at the white-haired kid connecting the two worlds with his hands and instantly nodded with her reply.

“Of course, he is strong!”

She could see he possessed worldly power. How could he not possibly be strong?

“Well, when facing Elder Sang, all even Ye Xiaotian can do is

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