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Chapter 171: The Array Gate

[The Moro Secret Forest]

Xu Xiaoshou stared anxiously at the dark crack in the sky. If he hadn’t reacted quickly enough, he would probably have rushed right into it.

To resist the tremendous suction of the crack, he forced himself to the side.

But the redwood trees coming from below were not so lucky and were sucked into the black void.

“Is this the spatially broken flow?”

Xu Xiaoshou remembered Ye Xiaotian’s “Ripping Hand of Heaven” technique from the other night when the Master Dean had done the same thing with his bare hands.


The Tianxuan Gate rumbled again, and this time it did not return to a calm state. Instead, the confines of the Small World hummed with a strange energy and trembled.

“What’s going on?” Mu Zixi stopped and looked at the earth in panic.

“I’m afraid that something is wrong with the Small World.”

No sooner had Mo Mo spoken, when the three of them heard Ye Xiaotian’s voice at the same time.

“A quarter of an hour.”

“Gather at the Array Gate.”

Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly descended to the ground and grabbed hold of his junior sister tightly. He looked around and simply could not locate the Array Gate.

“Whoa, let go of me!” Mu Zixi struggled violently.

“You’re close to death now. Stop making a scene!”


Mu Zixi went silent for a while, then fumed and growled, “Pink pigeon! You’re the one who’s a pink pigeon! Your entire family comprises pink pigeons!”


Xu Xiaoshou was baffled and wondered if she was that vindictive.

He turned toward Mo Mo and said, “The Moro Secret Forest is too far from our initial landing point, and I’m afraid the Array Gate is located there.”

“It’s only a quarter of an hour. Can you make it there?”

Mo Mo lowered her head. Had the gray fog man not fainted, she would have been able to reach in a quarter of an hour, but now…

As she thought about it, she realized that heaven and earth had turned upside down and the world was flying backward.


It was Xu Xiaoshou who picked her up with one of his hands.

She struggled, feeling awkward and somewhat embarrassed. “Let go of me,” she hissed.

Xu Xiaoshou ignored her. Judging by her appearance, he knew that Mo Mo was helpless right now.

In her present condition, she was so weak that even walking on her own felt like death itself.

With one in each arm, Xu Xiaoshou carried the two of them and soared into the sky. He employed the Full Master Agility, and flames roared under his feet before his entire body streaked through the air.

“So fast”

“Who would have thought! Surely, his speed has never reached this limit before!”

Mo Mo, secure in Xu Xiaoshou’s arm, stirred when she saw the youth’s angular jawline. Against the whistling wind, she buried her slightly red cheeks in his chest.

Da, dum. Da, dum. Da, dum.

Pressed against his chest, she could hear his heart thumping. And the rapid heartbeat was in tim

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