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Chapter 214: After the Battle in the Dark of Night

The array flickered, and the two from the Holy Vassal disappeared into the sky.

“Why did you guys not keep them around?”

Xu Xiaoshou asked with a puzzled tone. Then he noticed the four seniors standing before him, all caked in blood.

They have fought long and hard. So, why did the seniors not do their best in those last moments to hold back the masked man and Cen Qiaofu? Why just let them go instead?

Were reinforcements not already coming our way?

Had they kept them for a little longer, maybe those two would have been defeated.


Qiao Qianzhi slapped his shoulder and elaborated, “If those two at Sovereign Stage wanted to leave, there was no guarantee that we could hold them back. We might fail even if we doubled up the number of fighters on our side. So, how can we do it with just a few of us here?”

“Besides, those two are anything but ordinary.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked stunned.

He wondered if those at Sovereign Stage were so powerful.

Having killed those at a higher level than he was, Xu Xiaoshou could not grasp the concept well. However, he thought about it from another angle.

Not everyone was like him. With that thought, he could let it slide right away.

“Are they not arriving soon?” Xu Xiaoshou asked as he looked into the far distance.

“You can sense them?”

Qiao Qianzhi appeared startled as he continued, “There was indeed a chance of keeping them around until those from the Holy Divine Palace got here.”

“But the two from Holy Vassal were going easy on us.”

Ye Xiaotian finished what Qiao Qianzhi was saying with no thought of maintaining their dignity. All of them sighed. Then Ye Xiaotian continued, “If Cen Qiaofu had gone all out, the few of us would already be lying outside the Spirit Palace right now.”

All of them had angry looks on their faces as soon as Ye Xiaotian said it.

Apparently, in taking on those at Cutting Path Level of Sovereign Stage, they were still not powerful enough.

Xu Xiaoshou looked stunned, wondering if the withered, aged man with the ax was indeed so powerful.

“He had a golden opportunity then. Why did Cen Qiaofu not just get rid of you all then?”

Xu Xiaoshou quickly realized he said the wrong thing as soon as the words flew out of his mouth. As expected, Qiao Qianzhi immediately slapped him.

“You brat! You like the idea of us dead so much, is it?”

“How else are we going to figure out what is going on in the minds of those people? Maybe it was just…” Xu Xiaoshou replied in defense.

At that moment, Elder Sang flew down like a gentle breeze blowing, with one hand holding onto his hat.

Everyone turned to look at him. The old man’s eyes looked like they had large, dark circles around them. He stared at Jiang Bianyan, causing the latter to feel his skin crawl. Elder Sang then spoke.

“You are from the Holy Divine Palace?”

Jiang Bianyan began to feel anxi

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