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Chapter 187: Chapter 187 You Can’t Force Happiness

A breakthrough?

Everyone around Luo Leilei reeled back with slight shock. They had not expected Luo Leilei to have surpassed the Innate Stage and entered the Master Stage at such a critical moment.

She had displayed a level of cultivation that few of the older cohorts of the Inner Yard Thirty-Three had shown.

Not to mention she had just recently joined as a member of the Inner Yard Thirty-Three.

Mo Mo studied Luo Leilei’s cultivation level, still rising at an incredible pace, and shook her head. “It is not a breakthrough. She broke a seal.”

She was rather surprised and wondered who had placed the seal on Luo Leilei in the first place. It must have been a seal placed in advance and slipped past the notice of the dean and the others.

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbstruck. He could not believe it. Had the young woman been suppressing her actual level of cultivation all along?

If she had unleashed her full power when they had fought in the Tianxuan Gate, he might not have had run into the Grey Mist Figure!

Hold on a minute!

If she had unleashed her seal in the Tianxuan Gate when her powers were no match for the Grey Mist Figure, then the laws that governed the world inside the Tianxuan Gate would have destroyed her.

Luo Leilei’s sudden breakthrough was an unexpected turn of events that had suddenly shifted the odds in the fight.

The four Master Stage law enforcers stepped forward. They were the only fighters who could take on Luo Leilei, as Zhao Xidong was down for the count.

The remaining law enforcers remained calm and steadily got into formation around them. These law enforcers may not be able to take on a Master Stage cultivator one-on-one, but they could still provide adequate cover when they fought as a team.

Somehow, the law enforcers sensed they were in a precarious situation. Everything was in good order only moments ago, but now the control they had seemed to have slipped from their grasp.

But the presence of the three Sovereign-stage cultivators on the steps eased their anxiety.

Who cared if Luo Leilei was at the Master Stage? With the dean and the other bigwigs there, she would not cause them too much trouble at all!

“The Holy Vassal?”

Ye Xiaotian exclaimed out loud.

He could still join the fight and take Luo Leilei down. But like what Luo Leilei had said, Jiang Bianyan was standing right next to him. He had to spare a thought for the other man’s dignity.

Luo Leilei did not answer him.

Upon unleashing Thor’s Form, a field of purple electrical pulses crackled around her, and a majestic pair of Purple Lightning Wings sprouted from her back. Luo Leilei gazed down at the four Master Stage law enforcers.

Her four opponents unleashed their cultivation as well. While this young woman was not merely an ordinary Master Stage cultivator, they were not to be trifled with, either.

At that moment, the atmosphere became

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