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Chapter 197: Extravagant Fight

Time seemed to freeze for half a second.

As the powerful sword energy approached him, Xu Xiaoshou, at the crucial moment between life and death, couldn’t afford to panic, and made his heart as calm as the water in an ancient well.

He seemed to unconsciously reach out his hand. In fact, the move was a natural reaction he’d gained after many battles.

In the blink of an eye, he employed all the major passive techniques and added some “ordinary wills.” As such, when the sword energy arrived, he parried slightly.

The Whitecloud II: Sword-draw style!

Yes, this was the pure sword-will move that had parried Zhou Tiansen’s “Deity Mountain-Lifting Technique.”

He’d beaten a strong opponent at that time, employing a slight force to overcome a stronger force. They were different approaches, but it was similarly effective now.

The terrifying sword energy he’d learned from the masked man seemed impossible to resist, but, in fact, it stemmed from the same source as Xu Xiaoshou’s. It was the direct feedback from the pure sword-will combat.

Yet, Xu Xiaoshou’s sword will wasn’t strong enough, nor was Lei Shuangxing’s.

However, with his strong foundation of “Sword Mastery,” his skill foundation was truly profound. He could detect the origin of almost any sword move in the world.

He struck down his two hands to block the key point of the terrifying sword energy, then let go of it.

He didn’t let the sword energy change its path. However, his body stayed out of the path of death.

Even if it was only half of his body!


As the sword energy straightly passed by, a small part of the Assembly Hall was destroyed.

Xu Xiaoshou survived, but the flesh and blood of his hands exploded, leaving only a cracked bone.

It was merely a momentary contact on his fingertips, but his arms were almost broken off.

The power of sword energy was truly terrifying!

Moreover, the residual sword will didn’t disperse. Like maggots attached to bones, the sword will invaded Xu Xiaozhu’s body and couldn’t be dispersed, and pain like tens of thousands of ants biting occurred in the blink of an eye.

“Eternal Vitality” was working like crazy to gradually restore his flesh and blood.

Attacked, Passive Points +1.

Attacked, Passive Points +1.


Lei Shuangxing was dumbfounded when he saw the lad resist the sword energy that the man at Throne Level couldn’t.

What kind of a weirdo was this lad?!

“Sword thought?”

He seemed to smell a familiar odor. This technique had been invented by the Chief, so how did the lad know it?

“No, it’s not the sword thought, but a similar one…” Lei Shuangxing confirmed it again and again, and finally came to a judgment.

“Is it a coincidence?…”

Ye Xiaotian was also stunned. He didn’t expect Xu Xiaoshou to resist this blow by himself. At the moment, he was full of self-reproach.

This blow was obviously something he

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