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Chapter 202: All Swords to the Master

“No sword in this world dares to attack me. Not even a famed sword would dare to do so!”

Rao Yinyin laid frozen amidst the collapsed ruins when she heard those conceited words. She tried to struggle to her feet. But after such an attack from the masked man, she was no match for the sword energy still lingering in her body.

“Who is he? Judging from how powerful his sword energy is, he is probably more powerful than Elder Xiao,” she muttered to herself.

She did not know that Xiao Qixiu could not even handle the first strike from the masked man.

Xiao Qixiu did not want anyone to spread the news that the masked man defeated him with a single blow.

Rao Yinyin watched as the masked man walked out of the house and into the field of flowers. She struggled desperately to get to her feet. However, she ended up spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Partially buried under brick and mortar, she stubbornly struggled, but she was losing consciousness. Finally, her hands fell limply to her side and she descended into darkness.

“Sister Su…” she called out weakly.


… …

“Child, this sword has brought you much pain, has it not?”

The masked man kneeled before Su Qianqian. He tried to sound gentle when he spoke.

“Children your age should demand the attention and love of your parents. A child like you should not be running around with such a tremendous responsibility. The attempted assassinations must have put you through an endless journey of restless nights and tasteless meals.”

Come, let me take your pain away. I will bear it in your stead.”

The masked man placed his hand over Epitaph of City Snow. Su Qianqian clenched her jaw and clutched the sword tightly with a stubborn look on her face.

But a single flick of a finger against her wrist swiftly released the sword from the young woman.

“Epitaph of City Snow…” murmured the masked man as he brushed his fingers against the massive snow-white blade.

When Xu Xiaoshou once touched it, the telepathic artifact had flung itself into its master’s arms with an endearing arrogance. Yet, when held by the masked man, it dared not move a single inch.


The masked man flicked his finger against the blade. The clear ringing of the sword reverberated across the Inner Yard.

Every disciple hiding in their residence felt their hair stand on ends. An unbearable sensation akin to the pain of a sharp blade slicing through their souls surged through their bodies.

“A famed sword indeed. Finally, the real deal and not a fake one!”

The masked man whispered in a tone of approval before he dipped his head and continued, “I will be honest with you. I went to Tiansang Prefecture and paid a visit to the Su family.”

Su Qianqian’s eyes opened wide as soon as she heard him. Instinctively sensing danger in his words, a shudder coursed through her body.

“What did you do to my grandfather?” she asked as she

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