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Chapter 201: Excuse Me… Do You Know the Way to the Inner Yard?

Somewhere at the back of the mountain, in the Inner Yard.

Su Qianqian and Rao Yinyin sat on a huge, comfortable bed in a charming room decorated in pink and red.

“Sister Rao, do you have any idea why the dean told the Inner Yard disciples to go into hiding?”

“Something strange is going on with the Spirit Palace’s array. It appears we’re under attack again.”

Su Qianqian held her huge white sword in her arms and stared at the ceiling with a dazed look in her eyes.

Her spiritual sense extended out and beyond the roof. She could see the array’s occasional shimmer and waver. It was clear that a powerful force was attacking it viciously, and she even suspected there might be more than one assailant.

The array had protected the Tiansang Spirit Palace for many years. It had rarely displayed such violent fluctuations of energy.

The masked man had been the one who violently ripped the array apart the last time.

“There’s always someone trying to infiltrate the Spirit Palace and attack it. They have always been stopped outside our gates.”

“The Holy Vassal could not breach the Inner Yard during their last attempt too.”

Rao Yinyin’s eyes shone with indulgence as she patted Su Qianqian’s head.

Her eyes slid over Su Qianqian’s blade discreetly. She sighed inwardly.

The famed sword…

Who cared if it were a famed sword!

It was nothing but a curse that brought its master bad luck. If she could, she would abandon the cursed blade in the wilderness. Let those madmen kill themselves over it.

Perhaps the young woman before her could finally enjoy a good night’s rest.

Rao Yinyin’s heart twinged as she combed her fingers through Su Qianqian’s hair. Su Qianqian appeared to relish the touch. She lay down on the bed and released her hold on the sword temporarily.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you weren’t the master of this sword…”

Rao Yinyin couldn’t help but murmur to herself when she saw how relaxed the young woman was.

The responsibility of carrying a famed sword wasn’t something someone as young as Su Qianqian could bear. One had to pay the price for such power.

The young child had lost the chance to experience the typical joys of childhood from the moment she took the sword.


Su Qianqian shook her head and replied solemnly. “I’m going to do my duty as a custodian of this sword. Someday, I’ll make the Su family rise again.”

“If that day truly comes…”

“Yes,… he’ll… probably be thrilled…”

Rao Yinyin cupped Su Qianqian’s cheeks with her palms. She could sense the young girl’s sorrow.

Her father had died in battle for this sword. Was it really worth it?

“Alright, let’s not worry about the future. We should have a good rest tonight. When we wake up tomorrow morning, your master would have fixed everything.”

Rao Yinyin decided they were going to stop talking about this upsetting subject and smi

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