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Chapter 189: I Came to Pick Someone Up

The man was sweeping and tapping his cane as he made his way forward. He had to be blind!

But a cultivator who had reached the Innate Stage could see the world with his spiritual senses. Why would he require a cane to get around?

Was the blind man just an ordinary person?

Everyone extended their spiritual senses to probe the blind young man, but they detected no cultivation at all. He was devoid of any spiritual strength, and his body was no more than a fragile husk—he was just an ordinary man.

Was it a joke?

Four Master Stage cultivators were lying on the ground because of him. How could he be an ordinary man?

There was confusion on the faces of many of the law enforcers, and Xu Xiaoshou was equally puzzled.

With his spiritual senses and Sense skill, he should be able to detect everyone’s cultivation.

He had used every means of detection at his disposal, but scanning this blind young man was akin to throwing a rock into the ocean. He got nothing.

“He is a pro! We have a pro at work here!”

Xu Xiaoshou shrank back to his spot behind the pillar. He was immediately on high alert. He could tell with one look that there was something amiss with the young man. He must be a great Master who was concealing his cultivation.

Ye Xiaotian kept his eyes fixed on the blind man as he walked right up to everyone and finally stopped calling out for Dudu.

“Who are you?” asked Ye Xiaotian.

“Lei Shuangxing of the Holy Vassal.”

The young man’s voice was raspy yet pleasant and easy on the ear. It had the quality of sandpaper easing gently across your skin and felt strangely soothing.

An odd expression flickered across everyone’s faces. The man had a badly scarred face. It was such a shame that the soothing voice belonged to a man with such a disfigured face, and many sighed in sympathy.

What a pity. Such a pleasant voice wasted on a face that looked like that.

“Lei Shuangxing?” questioned Qiao Qianzhi as he tried to recall where he had heard the strange name before. He looked surprised moments later. “Your last name is Lei. You are a member of the Lei family?”

The blind young man did not reply. He just stood there. He did not open his eyes but merely lifted his head, and everyone knew he was looking at Luo Leilei.

Luo Leilei looked miserable and had tears in her eyes. She looked like a young girl who had just caught sight of her elder brother after being bullied. She had an expression like she desperately wanted to tell her elder brother what had happened to her.

“I am here.”

Those three simple words had the power to set her heart at ease. Luo Leilei nearly burst into a flood of tears.

Yu Zhiwen’s lovely eyes filled with disbelief as she stared at the blind young man. “He is still alive?”

Ye Xiaotian and Qiao Qianzhi turned toward Jiang Bianyan. The latter thought for a long moment before sighing and replied, “Unless something unexp

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