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Chapter 199: An Old Man

Ye Xiaotian seemed a little taken aback. Did he truly have a Master Physique now?

He recalled the last time he’d seen the young man. The latter’s cultivation and physique had appeared underwhelming. He hadn’t expected such a transformation after a single trip to the Tianxuan Gate.

It seemed that Elder Sang had a really good eye for picking disciples!

Some people might seem a little eccentric, but sometimes you need someone to think out of the box to win a fight. That didn’t sound bad, did it?

He remembered their encounter with Lei Shuangxing. If it’d been someone else instead of Xu Xiaoshou and his odd antics standing against the man, he would have found it a feat to find a way out of that predicament.

“Alright, hurry back and hide yourself. The Spirit Palace is in the middle of an emergency now. Don’t go running around unless you have to,” Ye Xiaotian said as he collected his thoughts and threw a glance at the young man and young woman.

Lei Shuangxing had been dealt with. Even if they were to take him seriously as a threat, he was still only a Master Level threat.

The man who’d appeared at their gates, and the masked man, who was lurking in the dark and whose whereabouts remained unknown, were their biggest threats.


As if to prove Ye Xiaotian’s words right, the Spirit Palace’s array flared suddenly, as it was as if the world had suddenly cracked.

A streak of panic coursed through Xu Xiaoshou. He nodded hurriedly and watched as Ye Xiaotian left with the unconscious men and women.

He must be heading off to help Elder Qiao and the others at the gate!

“Who could it be? Why haven’t they managed to take him down after deploying so many Sovereign Stage cultivators?” Xu Xiaoshou felt slightly alarmed. The Holy Vassal seemed overwhelmingly powerful…

“Where are we going?” Mu Zixi looked at Xu Xiaoshou with mild bewilderment. She wanted to return to her residence but had a feeling that it wasn’t safe there either.

“Has your fever gone down?” Instead of replying to her question, Xu Xiaoshou stuck his hand to her forehead, surprised to find that her fever had gone. What…

“This must be some kind of joke. That was some strange fever you got.”

Mu Zixi somewhat coyly pushed his hand away. “What fever?”

“You don’t know?”

There was a look of confusion on the young woman’s face.

Xu Xiaoshou was momentarily speechless. The young woman appeared clueless.

He remembered Mu Zixi’s glare as she’d helped Ye Xiaotian out of his tough spot. Without that glare, they might not have been able to turn the tables on their opponent.

“Do you have some kind of backstory?” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“What backstory?” Mu Zixi blinked her wide eyes in confusion.

Xu Xiaoshou looked away and sighed. He gave up. He couldn’t tell if the young woman was feigning ignorance or was actually clueless.

“Forget it. If we have the chance, let’s grab a drink one day.”


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