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Chapter 220: After all, Chen Xingchu Had Finally Met Xu Xiaoshou, Getting Ignored and Outplayed

Chen Xingchu was stunned.

He had finally found somebody more arrogant than himself.

What on earth was he implying? That if they did not compete for cultivation, then Chen Xingchu would utterly lose in all other aspects…?

What kind of stupid joke was that!

What other aspect of him was Xu Xiaoshou implying as being inferior to him?

You are just a mere Innate rank. What gave you the right to speak so arrogantly?

And in the blink of an eye, Chen Xingchu found himself once again infuriated.

But it surprised him when he glanced at the two major figures of the spirit palace. They showed no reaction at all.

The one who was pouring tea seemed to be fixated on his drink, while the one who was resting with his eyes closed…

Their laid-back demeanor seemed a little too casual, and it was as if they had gotten used to such antics.


Chen Xingchu lost his composure right away.

And why did he feel this way?

Because he would get a thorough tongue-lashing from the hall master if he ever displayed such arrogance. Yet this nobody had blatantly done so, and the masters of the spirit palace acted as if they heard nothing!

Or could it be that they thought the “utter nonsense” this brat was spouting was true to a certain extent?

Besides, who does he think he is? Why is he staring at me as if I am some pitiful poor wretch…


Chen Xingchu was seething with indignation to the point his hair literally stood up like a fighting rooster. At that moment, he had a sudden urge to vent out his anger.

“Xu Xiaoshou! What, are you afraid to have the duel?”

Suppressing the anger in his heart with some effort, he used a disdainful tone to taunt Xu Xiaoshou. But the challenge came across as somewhat satirical.

Jiang Bianyan frowned when he saw the two masters of the spirit palace remaining pretty calm and simply observing the exchange nonchalantly.

How could they be so relaxed? Could it be that Xu Xiaoshou had some trick up his sleeve?

If that’s the case, then we better be a little more careful. The last thing we need is for something unexpected to happen!

He glanced at Yu Zhiwen, who was sitting at the end discreetly and the latter had nodded after receiving the sign.

She lowered her head, and her long eyelashes trembled lightly, shading her mesmerizing starry eyes.

After half a breath, she activated her starry eyes again, and they seemed to glow dimly.

Within her eyes, there seemed to be millions of stars being guided by a divine force. Then they started dancing and swirling in a circle of light before blazing outward brilliantly.

Then, in the next second, the light in Yu Zhiwen’s beautiful eyes faltered, and the radiant light was snuffed out without warning.

But it was not because she had detected some unknown horrifying presence. On the contrary, her eye

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