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Chapter 213: Yapping Away

There was a sudden lull after Xu Xiaoshou cheeky retort.

Everyone could sense the confidence he exuded just from the tone he used. The kid seemed cocksure about the path he intended to take in the future.

“Am I hearing things here?”

Xiao Qixiu was rather baffled. He glanced at the masked man and then at Xu Xiaoshou. He wondered whether he would speak in such a manner to his Elders if he were decades younger.

No, there was no way he would utter such words!

The corners of Elder Sang’s lips twitched. The others might not believe it, but he believed every word the kid said.

It was why Elder Sang had initially taken a liking to Xu Xiaoshou. Despite presenting an eccentric, happy-go-lucky personality, the kid had immense fortitude and confidence deep down.

Truth be told, the measure of his confidence was only a tad lower than his own.

Everyone was shocked, so much so that even Jiang Bianyan saw the young man in a different light.

Using such pompous words when addressing a prominent member of the Holy Vassal, who happened to be armed with a famed sword, was not for the faint-hearted. This was no average person.

“You know the man who stands before you, right?” asked Cen Qiaofu.

Unlike everyone from the Spirit Palace, those pompous words utterly irked Cen Qiaofu.

“Oh? Who may he be?”

Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes glinted. It was a question that had bothered him for some time.

He would honestly be grateful if the aged man were to give him an answer.

“He is…”

The masked man put out his hand in front of Cen Qiaofu, stopping him from saying any more.

He had no intention of making his identity public as there was an outsider present at the scene.

The masked man now liked the kid even more because of the confidence which the kid exuded.

The kid was quite something indeed.

“I think you might have met Lei Shuangxing. Come with me, and you will get to know more of such geniuses,” said the masked man as he continued persuading Xu Xiaoshou.

“The blind guy?” asked Xu Xiaoshou. He paused for a while and continued, “He is still alive?”

Despite being a Master Swordsman, there was no certainty that Lei Shuangxing could escape from the spatial turbulence after the attack by Ye Xiaotian.

The masked man seemed shocked, but before he could say any more the young man on the ground continued to speak.

“If he is still alive, please tell him he needs more training and to focus on his state of mind.”

“The guy gets riled up too easily and is too impulsive.”

Ye Xiaotian smirked and almost chuckled. He could already predict the expression on the faces of the two from the Holy Vassal after they heard what Xu Xiaoshou said.

As expected, Cen Qiaofu wobbled in the air as soon as he heard that.

The blind kid was probably the steadiest and firmest of the young ones he had ever met. Other than the blind kid addressing him as a Senior, they hardly ever intera

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