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Chapter 218: Shaking Hands

Thud. Thud. Thud.

The crisp sound of footsteps echoed from outside the Council Hall before a young man in a black robe strode in confidently.

The young man had a handsome face and a pair of dazzling eyes. His back was straight and upright, like a tall pine. He had the demeanor of a young and ferocious tiger.

Upon entering the hall, he immediately greeted Ye Xiaotian who on the first seat.

“Mr. Dean.”

Jiang Bianyan squinted his eyes, as he could barely recognize who the young man was.

He tilted his head and tried to recall where he’d seen him. It took a while before he came to realize that this man was the one he had encountered at the opening of the Tianxuan Gate.

The guy who was holding the plates?

Reminded of that, Jiang Bianyan had an awkward expression on his face.

Although this man had lost his ability to fight after being struck by thunder, he was still a grandmaster after all!

How was there such a person amongst the Inner Yard Thirty-three?

How could Chen Xingchu be fighting with him?

Although Chen Xingchu was quite a talent, even he would not risk challenging someone who was of a higher rank than him. It was a battle between one at the Peak Innate Stage and a grandmaster—it would prove very challenging.

Chen Xingchu looked a bit troubled as well. He had been observing the Inner Yard Thirty-three, and there was no such person of this rank among them.

“Senior Ye, so he’s the one I am fighting?”

“I am just at the Innate Stage rank. How could I go up against a grandmaster? This is so unfair!”

Chen Xingchu was extremely disappointed. This meant that Tiansang Spirit Palace did not actually want to have a duel with them and sent out an expert, albeit one who was not at the top of his game.

Why weren’t they even trying to call up a good opponent for the duel?

And to call in a grandmaster—such a blatant trick. Who are they trying to fool?

Ye Xiaotian and Qiao Qianzhi were both taken aback by Chen Xingchu’s outburst. Even Zhao Xidong was rather surprised by this young man.

What kind of idiot would go all out to seek a duel? Was he trying so hard to challenge himself?

When he was still in the Inner Yard Thirty-three, nobody had dared to be so arrogant!

Is this boy an inexperienced “virgin” who has not experienced the trials and tribulations of society?

The antics of Xu Xiaoshou already piqued Zhao Xidong. And he was now further provoked by Chen Xingchu’s hostile words. He would tolerate no one showing such arrogance toward the spirit palace.

His eyes wandered to the young man before him, and he gave him the once-over, then said, “Huh, you want to duel with me?”

“First, go back and train for another ten years!”

Zhao Xidong’s rebuke infuriated Chen Xingchu.

Where did this arrogant dude come from? Does he think he is invincible, just because he is a grandmaster? Is he letting his rank go over his head?

Just y

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