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Chapter 217: The White Cave Quota

Xu Xiaoshou became more cautious as he looked at Zhao Xidong, who was now getting mad. Xu Xiaoshou widely chose to be more subservient.

“Not really. We do not have to do that.”

“I will go with you, okay?”

Xu Xiaoshou temporarily put aside the matter of Elder Sang. Perhaps the Dean genuinely had something urgent for him, he thought.

Even if it was not the case, Xu Xiaoshou had the backing of Elder Sang. So, there should be no one in the Spirit Palace who would dare to harm him.

After seeing how powerful the aged man was that night, Xu Xiaoshou had a much clearer picture of who the actual leader behind the Spirit Palace was.

“Let’s go!”

Zhao Xidong then went silent, as he had promised himself he would not speak unnecessarily this time.

At that moment, the crowd from the Spiritual Affairs Division had all come out, and they were all looking pretty upset that Xu Xiaoshou left just like that.

However, there was nothing they could do as it was a law enforcer of the Spiritual Law Division who led him away. He wasn’t someone to mess around with.

“Such a waste that Xu Xiaoshou got away. Now we can’t get his autograph anymore.”

“Haha, haha, are you sure that you were going after him for his autograph? Be honest. Why is your hand injured?”

“I do not know. Someone cut me. Is it not the same with you?”


“Why is your hand fractured? Do you not know the reason?”


Everyone got into a heated discussion and then remembered that Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have left one autograph behind.

Instantly, hundreds of pairs of eyes turned to the girl who had shown Xu Xiaoshou around.

The girl fell to the ground in horror and asked with a trembling voice, “What… What do you guys want?”

“Hehe, hehe!”

“What do we want? What do you think?”

Everyone advanced toward her and had her cornered. Some people sensed things were not going right, so they ran off to seek help.

Out of the blue, a cry broke out from the crowd.

“Please, I beg you. Sell me the autograph. I will pay any price!”

“No! You must sell it to me!”

“F*ck off, the autograph is mine!”



Amid the chaos, a loud rumble shook the attic.

“Elder Qiao is back!”


Then everyone slowly backed off.


[At the Council Hall]

“Pffft! Cough! Cough!”

Qiao Qianzhi spat out the tea in his mouth. He stared in disbelief at Jiang Bianyan, who was sitting right opposite him. He then slammed the teacup onto the table.

“Is Hallmaster Jiang kidding me?”

The quota for entering the White Cave is not just sought after by Tiansang Spirit Palace, but also by every other dominant power of the Tiansang prefecture!”

On top of the prefecture’s four great families and some idle forces, there are twelve other cities near the White Cave!”

After sharing with the other dominant powers, the quota given to the Spirit Pa

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