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Chapter 783: Mass Murder—She’s Really Slaying God

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As Yun Jian spoke, she raised the butterfly knife.

One-Eyed Wolf and all the other men felt their hearts stutter at the sight.

“F*ck! How dare a punk like you call yourself Slaying God? Hah! Attack! I’m rewarding whoever kills her today 100 thousand yuan!” One-Eyed Wolf’s eye twitched but he refused to believe that Yun Jian was Slaying God.

It must be a joke! Slaying God was the best secret agent ranked in the global chart and was the boss of Gu Sha Mercenaries at the same time. How could someone so legendary be here?

One-Eyed Wolf and his men would rather believe that pigs were flying than to believe Yun Jian was Slaying God. She did not even look like a young adult. Moreover, Yun Jian had killed so many members of his gang and taken Qin Yirou, a quality “good”, away.

As the mafia boss in Nan City, One-Eyed Wolf had shouted out of his wounded ego. The economy was not developed in Nan City, so a mafia boss like him did not actually have a constant stream of income. That was why he made Brother Peng and the other lackeys set up the Goodwill Clinic in Nan City.

From the outside, it was only a small clinic but behind closed doors, it was an underground trading spot for selling extracted human organs from people abducted all across the country. There were already countless people harmed before Qin Yirou.

It was also because selling human organs was highly profitable that One-Eyed Wolf did it. After being in the trade for so long, his current savings was considerably high as well.

Once his underlings heard One-Eyed Wolf saying that he was rewarding 100 thousand yuan for killing Yun Jian, they were thrumming with eagerness.

100 thousand Chinese yuan was an incredibly lucrative sum during that time! It was not even an exaggeration to say that one could work for 10 years less.

“F*ck! Bros, let’s go!” Immediately, the men brandished various metal bars and sticks as they pounced for Yun Jian in a group.

100 thousand yuan was all it took for these thugs to risk their lives. Although Yun Jian had a knife, they had metal bars and sticks! Furthermore, they were attacking her together; could they fail to beat a young girl?

It would be a freaking joke.

While these thugs charged toward Yun Jian, waving their metal weapons with blazing murderous intent, Yun Jian stood unmoved on her spot.

It was only when the person who ran at the forefront swung a metal bar at Yun Jian that she took action.

Sidestepping to avoid that blow, she then did a sidekick to send the man down to the ground. At the same time, she crouched slightly as she flicked the butterfly knife at lightning speed—the knife looked like it came alive as it jolted when Yun Jian bowed slightly to stab right into the man’s fatal spot.

He was dead within one strike!

All of the men here deserved death becaus

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