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“What is it?” asked the old man and the others.

“The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors have raised their cultivation bases very high. The majority have even reached the fifth or sixth Heavenstage. They only have a limited amount of room to grow, while many of the disciples in the other powers are still in the first Heavenstage. When everyone has reached the ninth Heavenstage, there will be a large gap between them,” said Qu Jianying.

The old man nodded. This truly was a problem, but at this time, there was no way to change anything.

At first, no one had known when the qi flow eruption would occur. Was it really possible to not cultivate all that time? What if the eruption didn’t occur for a hundred years? Were they supposed to wait a century?

Everyone had only stopped cultivating when the phenomenon indicating that the qi flow eruption was coming had occurred. However, many of the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts had reached the fourth or fifth Heavenstage before that. Some people had even reached the eighth. Who were those people supposed to complain to?

Every advancement you made within the qi flow stream would give you a huge boost in power. It would strengthen your manifestation and astral space. If one person made one advancement and another person made eight advancements, a huge power gap would appear between them. That was what Qu Jianying was worried about.

In the current battle, the Dragonblood warriors had an advantage with their cultivation bases. But once everyone’s cultivation bases rose in the qi flow stream, that advantage would become a disadvantage.

“Don’t worry, this is a problem Long Chen has definitely thought of. He has all kinds of crazy ideas,” said the old man.

All the experts in the qi flow streams were doing their best to blast through the Heavenstages. They were like people about to die of thirst, a thirst that could only be quenched by absorbing the qi flow.

“Dongfang Yuyang has reached the fifth Heavenstage! He’s so fast!” exclaimed someone from the Martial Heaven Alliance.

To go from the first Heavenstage to the fifth Heavenstage, Dongfang Yuyang had only used half an incense stick’s worth of time.

“Long Chen had also reached the fourth Heavenstage. But will he really be alright?” Qu Jianying’s voice shuddered.

In the distance, Long Chen was stuffing medicinal pills into his mouth with both hands. Sometimes he would choke and need a mouthful of wine to stuff the pills down.

Even someone with as much experience as Qu Jianying shivered. The power of top grade eleventh tier pills was not to be underestimated. Not even the body of a Xuan Beast would be able to endure so many.

Long Chen hadn’t stopped stuffing his face since the start. That appearance was too shocking.

“Where did he get so many medicinal pills from?!” People were both shocked and envious. All those medicinal pills had been used up by Long Chen. For others, a top grade eleventh tier pill would be

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