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Legend Chapter 277

「Set, no one else is around, right?」


At Rei’s call, Set gave a cry.

Currently, only the two of them were in this silent forest.

Outside, there was no longer any sign of the Royalists except on the other side of the forest. Aside from Rei and Set, there were only small animals.

Undead, such as Skeletons and Zombies had also attacked the Mireana Kingdom to some extent. But as expected, being very outnumbered, they were all cleared out by the army.

「All we have to do now is to wait for the order……no, looks like I don’t actually need to wait any longer.」

Feeling the signs of someone approaching rapidly, Rei took out his Death Scythe from the Misty Ring on his right hand.

Of course, he didn’t expect to be attacked by enemies here as this area was on the Mireana Kingdom side of the Selemus Plains. Still, he didn’t let his guard down.

The battlefield was already here. Anything could happen.

However, Rei’s worries soon turned out to be unfounded. Perhaps he had been given Rei’s location in advance, the person went straight to Rei and Set’s location without any hesitation. Furthermore, the man who appeared from the thickets was a familiar face.

「You are someone from the Prairie Wolves……」

Rei had pulled in the Prairie Wolves and introduced them to Daska as scouts for the Rowlocks Army. One of them had been a man who had tried to fight Rei because he hadn’t been happy with Egg’s decision. However, although he looked familiar, Rei had only fought him once before so he didn’t remember what the man was called.

The man looked at Rei and tried to say something before giving up and sighing before speaking.

「Ah. It’s Kirtos, I’m the one you beat up lightly that time. I have a message from Egg-san. He said that in a few minutes, both sides will be asking the other to surrender before preparing for battle. ……And, since there are quite a few Dragon Knights that have been sighted over there, he said you should be careful.」

Rei perked up at the words ‘Dragon Knight’.

He stroked Set’s head with a frown.

「Dragon Knights? I know they’re pretty strong, but I’ve never fought one before. ……How about you?」

Kirtos looked at Rei before shaking his head with an uncomfortable expression.

「Give me a break. Dragon Knights are one of the most elite among the Knights you know? Although it is ridiculously expensive to maintain, their strength is incomparable to an ordinary knight. They are also an opponent that can fly in the sky. If us bandits tried to fight one head one, we wouldn’t stand a chance. We’d be wiped out. Maybe Egg-san would be able to escape though. ……To be honest, I know your strength, I’ve felt it myself. But about your Griffon, was he called Set? I don’t know how strong he is. I don’t know what you’re planning, but it’s definitely better to not fight a Dragon Knight……especially more than one of them.」

Surprisingly, Kirtos’ words expressed some concern for R

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