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Today, it wasn’t the dazzling morning sun or a knock on the door that woke him, but a cute cry.


The first thing that greeted Rei when he opened his eyes was a small dragon about 20cm in length. It was Yellow, the dragon that Elena had created as a familiar.

「Ahh……what’s wrong?」


Yellow looked at the direction of the window at Rei’s sluggish question.


Continuing on, he looked at the letter on the table……the letter Rei had written to Elena.

Rei, who was watching on, finally understood what Yellow wanted to do. In short.

「You want to go back to Elena?」


At Rei’s question, Yellow gave a small cry.

Seeing that, Rei brushed its head lightly before reaching for the piece of cloth that was used to wrap up Elena’s letter.

「Here, come over for a moment. I’ll do the same as when you brought Elena’s letter over, it will keep it from being blown away by the wind.」


Hearing Rei’s voice, Yellow flew over to Rei’s knees, lightly flapping his wings.

Seeing that, Rei leaned over.

(The size of its wings is less than 10cm, but it can still fly through the sky with them.)

He thought about that, but saying that, it was the same for Set. The wings that grew from Set’s back torso of a lion were large, but they still shouldn’t have been enough for a giant over 2m in length to fly just by flapping its wings.

(Well, no matter how I think about it, it’s not aerodynamically possible, I guess it’s better to say they fly using magic.)

While thinking to himself, he wrapped up the envelope containing his letter with the piece of cloth before wrapping it around Yellow’s torso and tying a knot.

「Even so, I hope you’ll fly a bit slower. You arrived yesterday and are heading back today……you’ve been rushing around for a while.」


Yellow shook his head at Rei’s words. Because it was only this large to begin with, its flying speed wasn’t that fast. Of course, it was still much faster than traveling along the ground, but it was still nothing compared to the speed of other monsters that flew through the sky. In that sense, even though it was by chance, it was quite fortunate that Yellow had gained the ability to become invisible. But even with that ability, it would take some time to get back to Anessis where Elena lived. It could be considered a blessing in disguise that it was a familiar, as a result, it wasn’t necessary for it to eat any food and he didn’t have to worry about eating. However, there was a risk that it would disappear if the magic power that Elena had given it ran too low.

In the end, it was impossible for Rei to command Elena’s familiar, and with a short cry, Yellow jumped out the open window.

「Heh. As expected of a dragon.」

Rei watched Yellow as he saw it fly out the window.

It took it a few seconds to turn invisible with its special ability, but during those few seconds Yellow was small enough that it could g

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