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「So you mean you’re thoroughly prepared, right?」

Rei wouldn’t be in that much trouble even he couldn’t buy weapons. Hearing Rei say that, Freon spoke in amazement.

However, Rei shook his head at Freon and Brazos.

「I didn’t see this particular event coming.」

Regarding throwing spears, they were the only things he still had in his item box from the bandit extermination during his rank up test. Regarding daggers, he had taken them from the Claws of the Hawk when he first came to Gimuru. Everything else were casual purchases from he walked around the city.

「……So, Pamidor. That’s what Rei has said, but what will you do?」


As Brazos looked at Pamidor with a big grin, Rei looked at him questioningly.

However, Pamidor returned a smile similar to Brazos’ without minding Rei.

Originally, their smiles would have looked like they were plotting some mischief. However with his tough looking face, Pamidor’s smile looked more like a bandit who was about to hit a group of unaware merchants.

「……Pamidor. Your face right now looks like a bandit you know.」

「Ahh? Hey, you. Freon, your sword was made by this master blacksmith with a bandit face!」

Although Pamidor looked intimidating, maybe Freon had already become accustomed to it. She shrugged her shoulders lightly and ignored him.

After glaring lightly at Freon, Pamidor looked to Rei again.

「Relax Rei. Don’t worry about it. No matter how Bolton and his lot manage the weapon shops in Gimuru, we……no, I am not one of his minions. I don’t need to follow such silly orders.」

Rei’s eyes widened at his words.

「No, wait a moment. Although you aren’t one of Bolton’s subordinates, like I said, doesn’t he manage the weapons market in Gimuru? If you go against someone like him, you won’t be able to get away with it.」

「Hmph, I just came to the city of Gimuru recently. Such things don’t matter to me. As a blacksmith, I make what I want and sell stuff to people I like. It’s because I wanted to do business like that that I came to this remote frontier city of Gimuru.」

「Thank you, but if you do business with me, won’t you be unable to sell your items to other weapon shops?」

「Hah, my customers aren’t just other weapon shops, I have many customers who deal directly with me.」

A stubborn craftsman, Rei gave a wry smile at Pamidor’s self declared stance.

「You’re stupid, you haven’t been here long and you’re already getting wrapped up in things here.」

「Hah. Don’t call me stupid. If I wanted to do business like this, I didn’t have to go out of my way to such a remote place. It was because I thought that the armour and weapons I made would help the people at the frontier against the threat of monsters, I came to the city of Gimuru.」

「……Haa, do whatever you want. You’re such a whimsical person.」

Though Rei said that with a sigh, Pamidor looked back as if saying to Rei『You’re the same』.

(Now then, regarding weapons, I don’t have an issue

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