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「Hmm? Rei-kun. Anything happened today?」

Kenny was quick to spot Rei after he entered the guild and called out to him with a smile.

Rei headed towards the counter.

On that note, the fact that he didn’t choose to head towards the bar showed that he wasn’t that interested in alcohol.

It also had the purpose of avoiding running into drunks who had been drinking during the day. After all, although there were almost no people would try to mess with Rei if they were sober, if they saw Rei while drunk……a lot of trouble might end up happening.

「No, I’m just trying to kill some time……it’s seems that I have quite a lot of it.」

「Ahahaha. It is winter after all. It’s always like this at this time of the year. Hey, Lenora.」

Saying that, Kenny called out to Lenora, who was checking some documents next to her.

「Yes. But that doesn’t mean there’s no work. I still have to go through the documents. Ah, hello Rei-san.」

While looking through her documents, she replied lightly before pausing her work and bowing her head slightly to greet Rei.

As she did did that, her familiar ponytail shook slightly.


「……Eh? Did you say something just now?」

Lenora asked involuntarily at the sound she heard from Rei’s direction.

「……No, did you just imagine it?」

「Is that so? Hmm, I must be getting tired.」

Tilting her head, she decided to take a break and took her hand off the documents she was working with. But Rei turned his eyes to his shoulder.

That was where Yellow, who was currently invisible, was. He had though that it might have wanted to wait outside the guild with Set, but for some reason had hopped onto Rei’s right shoulder before he entered the guild. It wasn’t a problem because it was invisible, but if it showed itself, there would have been a big fuss about him having a young dragon. No, maybe people would have just accepted it because he was Rei.

That all said, Yellow had been told by its master, Elena, not to cause a fuss. But it had also been given a higher priority order. That was its next highest priority after delivering and bringing back a letter. In order to complete that order, Yellow stared at Lenora and Kenny, who continued their conversation with Rei. It remembered their faces to make sure it wouldn’t forget.

……Yes. That is, it faithfully followed Elena’s instructions to investigate what kind of women Rei interacted with.

「Speaking of which, what happened to Scorching Wind?  It seems they had gone out to hunt Lizardmen even though it is winter.」

「Well, it seems that Milein-san had wasted a lot of money. Sulunin-san was complaining a bit about it. Still, it seems that they managed to save up enough to last through winter with that last request.」

「Hey, Kenny. You shouldn’t tell other adventurers that information so easily!」

While listening in from the side, Lenora warned Kenny to be careful with a frown, but Kenny just shrugged her shoulders.

「I know. Seriously

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