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Legend Chapter 184

Set flapped his wings in the sky, flying as if cutting through the air.

On his back, Rei stored the two Sword Bee magic stones he had taken into the Misty Ring and took out the map at the same time.

He looked at the city of Abueror which they had just passed by. Passing Abuero from Gilm, following along the highway, the next city would be Sabrusta. After that, the highway split into two, the fork to the left led to the Imperial Capital. The fork to the right would lead him past the village of Kenith before reaching Baar, his destination.

「……As expected of Set. We are traveling much faster than if we went by land.」


Normally, the distance from Gilm to Abuero wasn’t something that could be covered in several hours. However, Set’s wings overturned that hopeless distance.

Set gave a proud cry as if Rei’s words were a matter of fact.

For Set, he just happy that Rei was pleased with the rate they were flying through the sky.

Seeing Set like that, Rei stroked his neck with a smile as he thought about the next city they would reach.

Normally, Magic Fever shouldn’t occur in a place like this. If something impossible happened, it meant that something strange or some anomaly must have occured.

「There’s no doubt that the Bestir Empire are pulling the strings behind this……I wonder if that really would be the case.」

While thinking about it, Rei judged that the probability was low.

Certainly, the Bestir Empire’s alchemy was on a considerably higher level than the Mireana Kingdom, but to use something like a disease as a biological weapon, Rei would have chosen something more lethal or something more infectious.

「……Well, I guess the first thing is to arrive at Baar as soon as possible. Ahh, Set. Here.」

Storing the map into the Misty Ring, he took out some dried meat at the same time and brought it to Set’s mouth.

While turning his head back, as expected of a Griffon, Set’s flight direction did not change. While thinking of such trivial things, seeing Set finish the dried meat, Rei took out some freshly grilled skewers to eat himself.

「If it were spring or summer, the plains would be covered in a green carpet, but as expected of this season.」

Because they were flying at quite a high speed, Rei quickly ate the rapidly cooling skewers as he looked at his surroundings briefly.

As he had said, the season was already changing to winter, the only thing he could see below him was a brown ground of withered grass. The only thing that could be seen was the straight line of the highway.

Because they were flying in the sky the wind was strong and the temperature was low, Rei was only able to remain comfortable due to the effect of the Dragon Robe. Thanks to his own fur, Set had no problems either.

Discarding the skewer that he had just finished eating to the ground, he checked their surroundings again from Set’s back, watching out for enemy attacks like from Sword

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