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Legend Chapter 249

「Then, I’ll leave it to you.」

「……Please, Rei.」

「Ah, leave it to me.」

At the front of Gilm’s main gate, Rei nodded at Ranga and Elk from Set’s back.

As expected, he wasn’t able to get permission to fly out of the city on Set from the streets, as he had done on the way to Baar. However, Ranga did lift the restrictions of leaving the city at night with his authority as captain of the guards.

However, maybe this was a natural response. After all, their actions had to be discrete. In recent times, Rei had become quite famous in Gilm and would be very noticeable if he flew straight out of the city on Set, even if not many people were out during the night. And, for the spies of the Bestir Empire, who were probably still present in the city, those from the Mireana Kingdom, who were looking to reduce Gilm’s influence and neutrality, Rei’s absence would become an opportunity for them.

For now, guild master Marina had been granted permission by the lord, Daska Rowlocks, to expand the city’s barrier and temporarily disable all communication magic items. However, that couldn’t be deployed for long and the situation had to be resolved as soon as possible.

Rei didn’t think it was all that complicated, but Marina and Ranga, as the guild master and captain of the guards, decided that it would be better for Rei to leave through the main gate after considering it.

In addition, although Elk was worried about Min and Rhodes, maybe he hadn’t thought about the particulars that much, so he didn’t say anything about it.

Rei gently stroked Set’s neck as Ranga and Elke watched him.

「Set, to Abuero. Full speed all the way if you can.」


Set gave a loud cry at Rei’s request and, after a few steps of run up, flapped his wings, stirring up the cold wind and quickly disappearing into the night sky.

Ranga gave a silent prayer for the two of them. Elk bowed his head deeply as he saw them off.

The seasons were changing from winter to spring, but the nights were still cold.

If Rei had been an ordinary human, he would have been so cold that even the roots of he teeth would have been frozen. However, his Dragon Robe could basically nullify extreme temperatures. In addition, Rei’s physical body couldn’t really be called an ordinary human’s and Set was a Griffon, an A rank monster. The two of them flew through the air without any consideration so this level of coldness.

Fortunately, there was no snow or rain and the wind wasn’t that strong. Flying through what could be called the pleasant night sky, Rei took out some food from the Misty Ring that could be eaten by hand, such as sandwiches and skewers for him and Set to eat.

After all, Elk had attacked after he had returned to his inn for dinner. After communication between the two guild masters had been made and a decision made, there had been no time to eat as the situation had progressed rapidly.


Set ate the sandwi

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