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Legend Chapter 260

The front gate of the frontier city of Gilm. Many people were currently gathered there.

Soldiers, knights and adventurers. Numerous carriages. Lovers, family and friends to see them off.

There were those who cried as they hugged, some who encouraged others to do their best and others who didn’t hide their worried expression. It was a bittersweet day.

Yes. Today was the day that Daska, Margrave Rowlocks, would lead his army to war.

Normally, it would be rare for the lord to head out as well, but Daska was a veteran warrior himself. Furthermore, his experience and instincts were screaming that this war would be different from past ones. Many schemes had been prepared in Gilm, a remote city at the frontier. There had also been many Demon Soldiers and magic items that he had never seen before. Wary of that, he decided to take part in the war with most of his available forces in Gilm, leaving behind a minimal defence.

Of course, he had instructed the other members of the Neutral faction to provide as much military strength as they could as well. In addition, he even urged the Nobles and Royalist faction members in Gilm to spread the news of the danger of this war and to prepare as much strength as they could.

(The Nobles faction listened to me. It seems that those from this city have taken it at least half-seriously. But the royalists……)

With those thoughts in his mind, he turned to look at the army he led.

800 adventurers, 500 knights and 3000 soldiers, including volunteers. Including other people here and there, Daska led about 5000 troops.

Given that the population of Gilm was about 100,000 people, the number of people that could still fight and were left in the city was minimal. Only in Gilm was it possible to extract so much military power and still have enough to defend the city.

The reason why there were that many adventurers was probably due to the fact it was on the frontier. Since there were also knights and soldiers that were needed at the frontier, the relative military power was high and their skill level greater than most. However……

(It’s not enough. If the Bestir Empire is serious about destroying this kingdom, a force this size would soon be swallowed up. After all, cooperation with the Nobles and Royalists will be……)

Muttering to himself, Daska turned to look at his Knight Leader.

The Knight Leader caught his gaze and gave a small nod. At the same time, he gave a loud shout that echoed around.

「Listen up-! Margrave Daska Rowlocks has some words to say!」

As expected of the man entrusted with the command of the knights that protected Gilm, the 5000 people……no, 10,000 people, including the ones who were sending them off, all heard him. All the mages had an impressed expression.

Yes, the Knight Leader’s voice reached everyone by using wind magic. However, the heavy power and enthusiasm contained in the voice was definitely due to the Knight Leader.

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