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It was nearing the time when the date changes. Inside Bolton’s mansion in the upper class district, the climax to this uproar was about to happen.

From the reception room, Cordo and Minas were literally blasted into the garden. Rei and Set confronted them together.

「……You are……」

At that point, Rei raised a voice of surprise towards the two he was confronting.

Whether it was Cordo or Minas, after receiving an attack that destroyed the wall, the robes on their bodies were no longer intact, showing what was beneath them.

Maybe it would have been a different story if they were wearing a magic item like Rei’s Dragon Robe. However, Cordo and Minas simply wore robes to hide themselves.

It was obvious why such robes were necessary as soon as what was underneath them was revealed.

For Cordo, his facial skin was like a crustacean, similar to the shell of a crab. On his shell covered face, only his eyes were human and unlike the eyes of a crab. His looks made one feel disgust. Compared to Cordo, Minas looked closer to a human. However, her face was still deformed. There were about four different protrusions from her forehead and her ears were almost 30cm long. Still, unlike Cordo, she still looked similar enough to a human woman.

Of course, even so, if an ordinary person encountered Minas at night, they would still fall into a state of panic. Still, it was better than Cordo, whose entire face was covered in a shell.

「……Monsters? Or are you demi-humans? ……No, I see.」

Rei raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw their appearances, but eventually guessed what the two people before him were.

(Elena said that the Bestir Empire simplified the inheritance ceremony. In other words, these guys?)

Rei observed both Cordo and Minas while thinking to himself.

Compared to Elena, who had formally undergone the ceremony at the Alter of Inheritance, the two people before him seem to have stopped being human.

They seemed to be more like a hybrid between a human and a monster.

「What’s wrong? Are you terrified of our appearances?」

Cordo spoke, asking in flat voice with no emotion.

(While they stopped being human, they can still speak human language fluently.)

While thinking to himself, Rei shifted the Death Scythe with a smile.

「No way. I was just surprised you were surprisingly human under those robes.」

「Humans, are we?」

「Ah. If you ignore the things on your face that is.」

「You, have you seen Demon Soldiers other than us?」

Cordo asked, seemingly puzzled. Rei frowned as he thought to himself.

(Demon Soldiers is the name given to people who underwent the simplified inheritance ceremony. But when I think about what they said, there should be quite a large number of them.)

「Well, I wonder. Even if I have met Demon Soldiers other than you, what would you do after hearing that?」

「……What? What do you mean by that?」

「You’re a bit stupid. Is it because you’re Demon Soldiers? S

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