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Legend Chapter 243

A sword that stretched out like a whip due to magic power entangled a sword held by a knight, pulling it away. The next moment, the knight realised that his sword had disappeared from his hand. But by then, his opponent’s sword, that had extended like a whip, had turned back into a long sword and its tip thrust at his eyes.

「……Guh, t-this……」

「What’s wrong? Do you want to continue? I’m willing to keep going if you can.」

「I, I……give, up……」

Reluctantly, the knight said those words while clenching his teeth. At the same time, explosive cheers erupted from teh surrounding knights and soldiers who were watching the battle between them.

The knight, who heard the cheers, was so humiliated that he wasn’t taken seriously by the onlookers. His face, which couldn’t not be called handsome, was dyed a deep red.

The man tried to glare at his opponent who shamed him……but was was overwhelmed by the presence of the woman before him, unintentionally dropping his gaze to the ground.

(That was. ……Just now, what happened? Certainly, her appearance was good enough to be a match for me. But, that’s something I’ve known for a long time. But now, aside from her appearance, there’s this indescribable aura around her……it’s as if she’s a completely different existence……no, that’s not right! I shouldn’t be overwhelmed! Even if my opponent is the General Princess!)

The man murmured to himself and forcibly turned his eyes, which had been looking down, back up towards his opponent’s face……but the next moment, he was caught in the aura that she release and ended up falling backwards to the ground. The moment he looked straight at his beautiful opponent standing before him, his legs gave out and he couldn’t stand up.

「In that case, I’ll ask you to follow the decisions of the Kerebel Knights rather than your own judgement, is that acceptable?」


The man’s voice already showed his defeat and none of his proud atmosphere that he had before the fight started remained.

「Elena-sama, you must be tired.」

Ara gave her a towel, but because the fight had been finished with a single attack by Elena, she wasn’t out of breath, let alone sweating.

「Mm. There probably won’t be any more unnecessary fights after this.」


A small dragon, Yellow, flew out of nowhere and landed on Elena’s shoulder, giving a cry.

Ara looked at it with a smile before turning to look a the man sitting on the ground with a complicated expression.

Right now, in preparation for the war against the Bestir Empire, which was definitely going to happen next spring, the different knight orders belonging to the nobles had gathered in the Kerebel duchy to conduct intense training to enhance their discipline.

However, as the number of knights serving the various nobles increased, some naturally wore their status with an arrogant attitude. This was an inevitability within the nobles faction, and of course, Elena couldn’t

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