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Legend Chapter 138

「Guh……ahhhh. Damn it, just showing off that they can drink right now……those guys. Those drunkards are a disgrace.」

Even as they left the guild and headed for Pamidor’s smith, Brazos was still complaining. Rei and Freon looked at him in exasperation while Set walked behind them in a good mood.

The reason why Set was in a good mood was simple. Because the number of adventurers who went to the guild in the evening was higher, the number of adventurers that came through was also higher. In other words, the number of adventurers who fed Set increased accordingly……as a result, Set was able to eat various things while waiting for Rei to come out.

Some adventurers who were advocates of tamed monster discrimination, believing that monsters on the street were a danger, tried to pull out their swords and attack Set……however, they were all knocked to the ground with a sweep of Set’s tail. They were also beaten up by the adventurers around Set who were feeding him and thrown out of the place.

……In addition, the first person to attack the other adventurer was a female adventurer, the leader of a certain Scorching Wind.

Because of that, Set was in a good mood as he rubbed his head against Rei, who was walking in front.

「Mm? What’s wrong?」

Rei spoke to Freon while stroking Set’s head.

「So, Freon. Where is Pamidor’s smithy? I only know that it’s near the library.」

「Ahh, it’s not that hard to find. Look, it’s over there.」

Freon quickly looked towards smithy on a side street one block away from the library on the main street. Although it was a small smithy, its location close to the main street wasn’t bad.

At such a smithy, Brazos, who was still a little grumpy at not being able to drink, opened the door.

「Pamidor, are you there?」

「Ah? Coming in at this time. I’m closing shop soon!」

As soon as he opened the door and asked, a voice shouted back from the smithy. Hearing that shouting voice, Brazos and Freon entered the smithy without worrying about it.

As usual, Set lied down a short distance away from the smithy. Rei entered the smith, following after Brazos.

An intense heat was felt as they entered the smithy. The furnace itself was at the back of the smithy, but the heat could be felt from the entrance.

「I’m closing already. I’m finishing my work for the day.」

Although he had been grumpy when Brazos had called out, Pamidor’s expression relaxed slightly when he saw Brazos.

Pamidor looked to be in his thirties. He had enough muscle that he could be mistaken for a warrior. Together with his tall stature, it emphasized his presence. Also, he was bald, unnecessarily emphasizing his tough look further.

With Rei’s sharp eyes, he had seen Pamidor relax a little……that wasn’t the case, it was just that the somewhat harsh atmosphere given off by the stern man softened slightly.

……Nevertheless, his looks combined with his atmosphere gave off an oppressive feeling. There w

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