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Legend Chapter 281

To the adventurers in Gilm, the pair of Rei and Set were considered abnormalities.

Gilm was a city in the Mireana Kingdom, where the most elite of adventurers gathered to venture into the frontier. In such a city, followed by an A rank monster, a Griffon, Rei had been the fastest person to reach C rank after registering with the guild.

He looked like an apprentice mage and had an arrogant attitude. Some of the more skilled adventurers didn’t like that.

But, his strength was overwhelming. His skills had been shown to the adventurers of Gilm so many times that they could no longer doubt it. As a warrior, Rei had the overwhelming strength and skill to handle such an unwieldy weapon like the Death Scythe to its fullest. Those that could feel magic power could sense the immense magic power that Rei had.

Such a person had arrived on the battlefield. Normally, Rei was someone who was difficult to get along with, but because they knew of his skill, all the adventurers from Gilm had their morale rise up without stopping.

Furthermore, the soldiers, knights and adventurers hired by other adventurers also had their morale rise after seeing the morale of the Gilm adventurers go up.

The vanguard of the Bestir Empire had been gradually weakening and the fire whirl had continued to reduce their forces and morale. The confusion made it even harder for them prepare to intercept the Mireana Kingdom’s forces. No, rather, because the Mireana Kingdom’s army had made a pincer attack during the confusion, the confusion had only worsened instead of subsiding. In other words, Rei, with his overwhelming strength, had arrived at a time where even the Neutrals were at an advantage. There was no way that morale wouldn’t rise under those circumstances.

「Set-chan, Rei!」

Despite being on the battlefield, the soldiers of the Bestir Empire hesitated to do anything when confronted by that series of events. Scorching Wind took advantage of that as they slashed through the enemy while shooting arrows and using wind magic.

「It looks like things are okay here. ……Flying Slash!」

Rei glanced towards Milein’s party of three who were coming over as he threw out a Flying Slash.

That attack, flung out by the swinging blade of the Death Scythe, cut off the right hand of an adventurer thief, who was trying to stab Rei with his dagger, causing blood to spurt out.


The adventurer screamed in pain as he held his bleeding right arm on the ground. However, in such a battlefield where angry cries and screams were everywhere, no one paid attention to him. ……The next moment, noticing the sound of something slicing through the air, Rei turned aside. At the same time, an arrow flew past where Rei’s head had been a moment before and pierced into the forehead of the adventurer who had been screaming with his right hand cut off, killing him instantly.

(If I didn’t avoid that, that arrow would have hit me……was that ju

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