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「I did think about it when were were climbing the mountain……but it really is Set.」

Freon said that as they walked along the highway. After walking down the mountain, they continued walking without stopping for breaks. The city of Gimuru was already in sight.

It was still around 3-4 in the afternoon and there shouldn’t be any problems even if they asked for a meeting with the Margrave now.

After taking up the request and heading for the mountain, they had traveled while preserving their stamina in order to climb the mountain to attack the Harpies at night. However, Brazos opinion was that they should return back to the city of Gimuru as quickly as possible this time. Because they traveled at the effective pace of a military forced march, the 10 hour journey was cut to 6-7 hours.

「Well then, should we go to the guild first after getting back to the city? Or the Margrave’s residence?」

Rei asked Brazos, who was walking along side him on the highway.

At that question, Brazos thought for a little while before speaking.

「That’s right. We should report to the Margrave first. If we report to the guild first, we might not be able to meet the Margrave if something unexpected comes up.」

「I agree with that. We won’t have anything to worry about if we report the request completion to the guild afterwards.」

At there words, Rei had no particular objections and gave a small nod in agreement.

As they talked as they continued on, they soon arrived at the main gate to the city of Gimuru. After finishing the procedures with Ranga as usual, they entered the city.

「Well then, we’ll be relying on you Rei since you are the one acquainted with the Margrave……should we go?」

He nodded at Freon’s words and walked along the path he had been through several times before towards the Margrave’s residence.

On the way, they met several knights who were patrolling. But whether it was because Set had already become Rei’s identifier or not, they reached the Margrave’s residence without any particular issues.

As they came closer to the main gate, as expected, the two gatekeepers started to watch him. However, Rei didn’t mind them as he approached.

Behind him, Freon and Brazos both looked somewhat uncomfortable.

Although he was a veteran adventurer, he was still rank C. If they were were rank B or A adventurers, it wouldn’t be strange for them to receive a nominated request from a lord or someone similar. However, the two of them had no such experience. No, rather, Rei who caught Daska’s eye and received a nominated request from him when he was still rank D was the abnormal one.

While feeling puzzled at why they looked uncomfortable, Rei called out to one of the gatekeepers.

「I’m Rei, a D rank adventurer. There’s something I need to consult with Margrave Rowlocks urgently. I would like to request a meeting.」

「……I know about you. There is no way I wouldn’t recognise that Griffon. However, to meet Daska-sama, the

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