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The term used to count Icebirds, from what he had heard was a group.

However, because it was a bird monster, it made more sense to him to call them a flock.

TLN: This is hard to translate. Basically the term used in Japanese to call a group of Icebirds is the same term that is usually used to refer to groups of small animals. However, Rei feels that a different term, one used to describe groups of birds would sound more appropriate.

Rei and Set left directly from the guild’s training ground. Kenny saw them off before looking at Baslero, who was next to her.

「Well then, instead of staying here, why don’t we head back into the guild? If you don’t wipe away your sweat, you’ll catch a cold.」


Baslero heard Kenny’s words, but continued to look at the direction Rei had flown towards with heated eyes.

「Hey, if you just stay here, you’re going to catch a cold. Kid, just stay quiet and listen to this onee-san!」

Kenny pulled Baslero away scoldingly.

Even if she did have a preference for younger guys, she didn’t have any such feelings towards the 10 year old Baslero as she dragged him back into the guild. Perhaps at this time, if she had looked into his eyes, she would have seen some sort of determination.


A few minutes away from Gilm. Rei, who was looking at the surroundings, identified a blue mass on the road leading to Gilm.

Icebirds were swarming around two of the three carriages there.

From a distance, the merchant escorts could be seen desperately resisting the Icebirds, but there were well over 50 of them. The average length of the Icebirds was about 1m and there weren’t enough escorts with the skills to defend against that many attacks. One of the carriages had already been completely destroyed and the adventurers defending it, horses pulling the carriage and any merchants inside devoured alive by the flock of Icebirds.

「Tch, if they’re stuck inside those carriages, I can’t use magic to just blast through them.」

Rei clicked his tongue as he held the Death Scythe in one hand.

He knew the Icebirds were vulnerable to fire magic, but he couldn’t just kill all the Icebirds while destroying the carriage he was supposed to help.

Even as he thought, the distance between Set and the Icebirds shrunk as he watched on.

「There’s no time to think about it. Set, I’m going to support the carriage on the right. I’ll leave the left one to you.」


Hearing Rei’s instructions, Set nodded and gave a cry as he dived towards a flock of Icebirds swarming a carriage on the ground.


Set gave a loud, high pitched cry to make known his presence.

「Ki!? Kii-!」

Noticing Set, Some of the Icebirds attacking the carriage gave a high pitched cry, that sounded more like the cry of a monkey than a bird monster, in order to let them know of the threat.

「Ki, Kiki, Kii-!」

However, their friends were too late in noticing Set. ……No, rather, it would

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