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Legend Chapter 279

Rei and Set reached a part of the sky where the fire whirl could no longer affect them. Meanwhile, there were many casualties on the ground as people where either burned to death, slashed to death or wounded in the confusion and panic.

Although he could still see the ground, Rei had risen to an altitude where he could no longer discern faces or even individual people. Stroking Set’s back, he opened the Misty Ring’s list of items in his mind as he retrieved the one he wante.d

From the outside, it looked like an ordinary barrel. But inside, there was a large amount of garbage that had come from a blacksmith’s shop. Swords with their blades broken in the middle, sword tips, spears without their tips and broken sword blades missing the hilt. Their were also things like rusty kitchen knives and many other pieces of scrap iron ore and trash that the blacksmith had decided to discard because he could no longer use. But even though it was called trash, it was only trash to a blacksmith. There was not doubt that they were still dangerous items. Holding the 1m diameter barrel filled with loose items in his hand, Rei looked towards the ground.

The fire whirl was still ranging as it continued to take the lives of the Bestir Empire’s army.

「Now then, let’s finish up.」

Looking towards the ground, Rei released the barrel in his hand……naturally, the barrel started to fall towards the ground. Then, right after he dropped the barrel, Rei took another one out from the Misty Ring and repeated his actions.

After doing this about five times, more than half the barrels that had been dropped had been caught by the fire whirl and destroyed. The blades that had been packed inside were swallowed by the fire whirl as they spun around inside. Confirming that, Rei didn’t bother to see the results as he tapped Set’s neck lightly to send the signal to return back to the Mirena Kingdom’s vanguard.

At he left, the vanguard of the Bestir Empire was further damaged by the barrels of dangerous materials that Rei had dropped from the sky.

Countless pieces of iron ore and blade scraps were mixed into the fire whirl. Some were thrown out from the fire whirl, and like bullets, they would pierce, slash and destroy, taking the lives of those who were some distance away from the fire whirl.

Because that was what it was like outside the fire whirl, anyone who was swallowed up by the fire whirl fared even worse.

Some mages who were sucked into the fire whirl when it was first created managed to set up barriers to protect themselves. Others managed to use magic items that enhanced their defences or created barriers. However, the wind speeds inside the fire whirl were upwards of several hundred meters per second and there was no way to defend against the countless bullets of blade fragments and iron ore as their barriers and armour were slowly torn apart. In the end, they were unable to escape and died helplessly.

The fire whi

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