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「Wait, wait, wait. What the hell are you carrying!?」

At night, with the snow floating down, Rei and Set were walking down the streets of Gilm. Of course, if they were just walking normally meant that the guards and knights on patrol would ignore them.

However, the reason they were hailed down by three guards was probably because Rei was carrying the woman on his shoulder while Set carried the two men on his back.

Moreover, one of the men had a strong smell of blood on him, it was natural for the guards to stop Rei and Set.

「You, aren’t you the adventurer with the Griffon, Rei? Please give me the details of the situation. Who are those three?」

「Yes. I don’t mind, but could I ask you to do something? Of course it’s related to this matter.」

「……Yes? I can’t guarantee I will be able to do it, but just say it.」

It was a winter night and there were few people in the city. But even so, they couldn’t just agree. Was he heading for a bar or a brothel? As it was, the two people on Set’s back were both unconscious and there was a woman on Rei’s shoulder. They looked at Rei and frowned subtly wondering what incident had occurred.

Because of the current situation, Rei handed over the woman he was carrying to one of the guards before approaching one of the other guards so that curious spectators in the surroundings couldn’t hear him.

「Go to the lord’s residence and bring the knights over. These guys are something like spies for the Bestir Empire.」


The guard took a sharp breath at Rei’s words.

Normally……if this had happened a few months ago, he probably would have just snorted at that. However, it was different now. Sometime ago, a Bestir Empire alchemist had gotten into the city and it had been revealed that he had been acting secretly for a long time.

And the adventurer in front of him had been the one involved in the disturbance of catching him. The guards who participated in the investigation of Azoth Firm naturally knew about it. Because of that.

「I understand. I will call one immediately. However, I still can’t leave you here as you are. Could you come to the guard station. Wouldn’t it be better for you than waiting for the knights in the cold? In addition, to be honest, what you said places a huge responsibility on me.」

Rei thought for a few seconds at the guards words before nodding.

Rei was wearing the Dragon Robe and Set wasn’t bothered by this degree of cold at all. However, he still didn’t want to stand outside on a winter night. If he could sit somewhere to wait, he decided that that would be better.

「I see, then I’ll leave it to you.」

「Thanks. ……Hey, call for the knights.」

One of the guards nodded in response to the guard talking with Rei. After all, one of them had to carry the woman while the other had to guide Rei to the guard station. It was clear who was free to call the knights.

「I’ll return soon.」

The guard said that briefly before running towards the

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