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Legend Chapter 141

「Rei, are you here!?」

Looking at the man who had jumped inside with a shout, Rei thought for a moment, trying to recall……before realising who was in front of him.

He had been wondering how to deal with Azoth Firm and Bolton just earlier. Murt was one of the adventurers who worked for them.

「Ahh, I’m here. What is with this disturbance?」

He was bleeding from several places around his body. An arrow was stuck in his back shoulder. Rei didn’t think that Murt would have come through downtown peacefully and asked as he quickly threw a knife with his right hand.


A knife flew towards him. Murt gave a cry at the attack that flew faster than the arrows that had been shot at him. However, the knife Rei threw passed by Murt’s face……


It pierced the right should of a man who was about to stab Murt in the back of the head, knocking him away.

「It seems we have a lot of noisy guests.」

「Eh? Ah, Ahh. No……」

Understanding how close a call it was, Murt took a deep breath and went further into the smithy in a hurry.

「Seriously, I didn’t think we would get caught up in troubles as soon as we came back from a request. Hey, kid. Come over here!」

Freon pulled Murt over and shoved a piece of cloth into his mouth.


Murt gave a groan at the sudden action but Freon ignored him and forcibly removed his leather armour, tearing off his clothes and reaching for the arrow in his left shoulder.

「It can’t be helped, you can’t leave that arrow in your shoulder. It might be a bit painful, but endure it……!」

Murt could hardly speak with a cloth shoved in his mouth as she reached for the arrow stuck in his shoulder……and pulled it out in one go!

「Guh, guah–!」

In response to that, Murt gave a muffled cry due to the cloth in his mouth as Freon looked at the arrow head in a familiar manner.

「Hmm, first of all, it’s not a poisoned arrow. Should I say your luck was good or that the other party didn’t really want to kill you. Well, this is good. Pamidor, this is a smithy, so there should be some potions around in case of injuries. Lend me a few.」

「……Well, we have to ask this guy about the circumstances. It can’t be helped. ……However, since you’re borrowing it, you have to return it. These potions are expensive.」

「Charge the kid, not me.」

Tilting the bottle containing the potion, she looked at Murt, who was groaning in pain due to the arrow being pulled out roughly, and poured the liquid into the wound on his left shoulder.

「Kuh……fuu~, fuu~,fuu~, fuu~……」

The pain from the wound was subsiding somewhat after pouring some of the potion into it, most of the pain coming from Freon forcibly pulling the arrow out, and his breathing gradually stabilised. Seeing the situation, Rei walked out the smithy and took a look around.

The first thing he saw was the figure of two thieves crumpled on the ground. The second one was the thief with the short spear, who

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