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Legend Chapter 270

「……Fuu~. As expected, the black tea that Ara brews is delicious.」

Inside the tent, praised Ara with a smile as she brought a cup of tea to her mouth.

Rei also nodded, silently agreeing with Elena, as he also brought the tea to his mouth.

「Thank you very much. ……Set and Yellow can eat these.」

Thanking Elena, Ara placed a plate of fruit for Set, who was lying down next to Rei, and Yellow, who was on Set’s back.

It was a action that seemed more like that of a veteran maid than of a knight who carried a huge battle axe.

「Well then, again, it’s been a while Rei.」

「That’s right. Last time was at the dungeon? I was surprised Yellow brought the letter. Especially since I was writing a letter to you at that time.」

「Pft, I’m happy to hear that. ……Well, that’s also because Ara wasn’t able to get a letter to you in Baar.」

「But, Elena-sama……I didn’t expect to see Rei-dono again in Baar, so far from Gilm. It couldn’t be helped.」

Ara protested at that comment, but seeing Elena’s eyes looking at her with a mischievous light, she realised what was happening and sighed as there was no point saying anything more.

「Well, don’t worry about it. I didn’t think of writing a letter myself after the surprise meeting with Ara.」

To be exact, Rei knew how long and how much effort it took to exchange letters in Elgin, so he had never thought of sending a letter at all, but Rei continued without saying that out loud.

「Speaking of that. It seems the guild masters have a magic item that allows for long distance communication. If I had something like that, I would be able to talk with Elena whenever I want.」

「……I see. Certainly, I’ve heard of such a magic item. It would also make it easier to deploy my army if I could talk to specific people at any time. ……What do you think, Ara? 」

Even during a conversation with someone she liked, her thoughts turned to how she could efficiently run an army. It wasn’t that Elena didn’t think of others, but it wasn’t without reason that she was called the General Princess.

However, Ara shook her head in response to the General Princess’s question.

「I’ve definitely heard about such a magic item, but it seems to be something that can only be found in dungeons. Alchemists and researchers have been desperately studying them, but what they can currently produce requires a large amount of magic power and only has a range of 20m. In addition, it needs a large amount of valuable materials to produce.」

「Is that so. I had hoped something like that would make it more convenient to control an army……」

Fu~, Elena sighed. At the same time, although it was somewhat impolite, she put her elbow on the table as she looked at Rei.

「Ah, Rei. If such a magic item can only be found in a dungeon, then why not head down a dungeon again?」

Rei felt like he was being sucked in as Elena asked with with moist eyes, but he soon collected himself and gave a small nod.

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