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Legend Chapter 288

Rei split up with Ara and was running in the direction she had indicated.

Regardless that he didn’t feel its weight, Rei stored the Death Scythe away into the Misty Ring as it was getting in the way of his movments as he ran through the grassland.

He was looking for the place where Ara had said she had seen a sword whip being used, but with the situation where Ara had been fighting Demon Soldiers, she had been unable to give a more detailed description of the direction.

In the midst of all this, as Rei was looking for Elena, he saw a familiar figure appear in his vision.

It looked like the figure had found Rei as well. It dived straight to Rei and jumped into his chest.

「Kyu, kyukyu-!」

Yellow gave several cries as if trying to tell him something.

However, whether it was Rei or Set, they couldn’t directly communicate with Yellow, who was created with Dragon Language magic.

Still, seeing Yellow crying out so desperately, it was clear that something was wrong as Rei called out to Yellow.

「It is Elena?」


Yellow nodded without hesitation at Rei’s question and faced the direction he had flown in from.

「I see, is Elena over there? I’ll let you lead the way.」

Muttering to himself, Rei took the Death Scythe out of the Misty Ring.

As there was a fight awaiting him ahead, he would definitely need a weapon, even if it got in the way of his running.

(Even more so since she’s dealing with someone who has a title like herself.)

He spun the Death Scythe’s shaft in his hand as he release Yellow into the sky.

「Yellow, if you’re moving with me, you might suddenly get dragged into battle, so fly to lead the way.」


Giving a brief cry in response to Rei, Yellow flapped its short wings and flew into the sky.

Seeing that, Rei followed after Yellow.

(Title or not, I don’t know how strong he is, but Elena will never lose to him.)

Thinking to himself, Rei dashed forward.

As this point, Rei had no idea that he had already earned the title of Crimson because of the fire whirl he had created and his subsequent rampage in the Bestir Empire’s vanguard with the Death Scythe.

「Over there!」

Following Yellow for about 5 minutes, Rei started to hear the sounds of metal clashing against each other from what seemed to be a naturally formed arena.

Between the gaps in the trees, Rei could see a sword stretching out like a whip. It was Elena’s sword whip without a doubt.

Slipping in between the gaps of the trees, Rei saw Elena facing off against a man on top a warhorse.

(So that man is the Flash……)

They must have noticed Rei entering their fight. The two of them, who had been facing off against each other, turned to look at Rei.


「……Well, this is unexpected.」

The two of them had surprised expressions. However, Elena’s face held joyful surprise while Theorem’s surprise quickly turned into an expression as he had just bit

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