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If you find the base of the criminals who attacked the carriage escorted by the knights, please help us to suppress them.

Although Rei was told that, he was confused in his mind.

(Why bother asking me to do that? Is it an issue of strength? Even considering that, I would have to act as a group with either the guards and knights. Considering that, there is no need to specifically include me since I would disturb that……no, there is. First of all, if the enemy wants to capture me, by bringing me along, the chance of causing excessive damage to the city decreases. At the same time, I would serve as a trump card if there was an opponent stronger that Ranga? The strength of the guards seem to be around the same level as the knights as well.)

「I understand.In that case, please submit a nominated request to the guild.」

「I’m sorry about this.You adventurers basically suspend your work during winter.」

Ranga lowered his head to apologise, but for Rei, who had plenty of time to kill, it was something he had been hoping for.

(But, saying that I would take up this request just to kill time, I can’t say that because he might be hurt by me saying that.)

He thought to himself and shook his head in order to get rid of those thoughts.

「Don’t worry about it. For me, I’m close to ranking up again. This isn’t something bad for me at all.」

「Thank you, I feel better now that you said that. Well then, let’s go to the guild right away.」

Shoving a few sandwiches into his mouth and then washing them down with the tea, which had cooled down while they had been talking, Ranga then stood up.

The sandwiches might have been bought from a nearby bakery or something. Because they were quite delicious, Rei stood up as well somewhat regretfully.l

「Captain Ranga, I will head out to support the others.」

The guard also stood up and lightly thanked Ranga before leaving the room.

「Ah. I would like you to focus on helping the ones who are gathering information.」

「Yes, I understand.」

「Fuu~……Well, let’s go now.」

Ranga put on a large robe, a magic item that provided some protection from the cold, before prompting Rei.

「Well, let’s get going. I know this case will cause some bother to you in various ways, but I would like to ask for your help regardless.」

「Ahh, don’t mind it. ……Even so, is it fine for you to go out with such a robe?」

The guard who had walked out earlier had been wearing a fairly thick robe for protection from the cold. However, standing before him right now, Ranga was wearing only a thin robe. Ranga smile at Rei, was was wondering about that.

「Ah. Even though this robe looks thin, it’s a magic item. It has resistance to cold to some extent. It can’t handle snowstorms, but it will manage the cold weather we currently have.

「……Heh, that’s interesting.」

Rei, who had an interest in magic items, murmured to himself, but Ranga just smiled and shook his head.

「I know you have been colle

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