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Legend Chapter 253

「……Were those guys serious?」

Rei muttered to himself as he looked at the unconscious members of Ogre’s Heart who were lying on the floor.

His expression was one of surprise rather than amazement.

The members of Ogre’s Heart had confidently challenged Rei, but all of them had been easily beaten back by Rei’s bare handed attacks without the Death Scythe and were knocked out on the spot.

What Rei was surprised at was how weak they were. He hadn’t thought they would be strong from their tone, skill and actions, but they were still much weaker than what Rei expected. Rei had thought they were pretending to be weak. Even though he had his doubts for a moment……in the end, that was apparently their true strength and Rei quickly knocked them all out.

「Don’t say that. It might look like that since you work in Gilm, but the adventurers from Gilm are some of the best in the Mireana Kingdom you know?」

Rei frowned involuntarily at Rhodes’s words.

「Even then, they’re weak. They’re too weak. Even Goblin’s Drool was more responsive.」

「Goblin’s Drool……you also called these guys Goblin’s Gallstones, do you have a grudge against Goblins?」

Rhodes turned to look at Rei with an astonished expression.

「No, not really. But……it just ends up like this.」

「You two, you’ll have to stop talking for now and think about what’s next. No, rather, there’s something we have to do first.」

Saying that, Min gave a deep bow towards Rei.

「Hey, mum!?」

「Rhodes, bow to Rei as well. Whatever their reason was to capture us, it was for a scheme against Rei. And even Elk……thank you. I’ll return this favour at any cost.」

「Don’t worry about it……I won’t say that, but it’s fine. There is something I’d like to ask you for later, so help me out then.」

「……Thank you.」

With his head bowed, Min thanked Rei again. Seeing that, Rhodes was compelled to follow suit and gave a bow beside Min.

「Thank you for saving us. I will return the favour one day.」

Rhodes thanked him while giving off a tough expression.

Rhodes understood that Rei was better than him. Still, losing out to someone younger than him was something he didn’t feel good about and was one of the reasons why he couldn’t answer honestly.

However, while Rei was definitely stronger than Rhodes in terms of combat, it was also true that Rhodes was better than Rei in his overall capabilites as an adventurer. Part of the reason was because Rei specialised in combat, but Rei was also not good at socialising and had very little experience with investigation and escort requests and was below Rhodes in that aspect. However, Rhodes had been mislead by other people that the biggest factor of an adventurer was their combat power.

「We’ll leave the formalities for later. ……What should we do with these guys?」

Rei looked at the members of Ogre’s Heart, which he had named Goblin’s Gallstones.

Fortunately, the problem of Ogre’s Heart was shortly reso

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