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Legend Chapter 367

「Hmm? ……Mmm……」

Rei got up in his bed as the dazzling morning sun fell into his room.

It was the day after the party celebrating his promotion and he had stayed up late, only returning to the inn close to midnight.

Considering that, it was quite amazing that he had woken up while it was still morning.

Throwing his clothes into a laundry basket, he took out a new shirt from the Misty Ring as he got dressed.

Walking out of his room and heading to the dining area, he saw only a few people eating breakfast as it was already past that time in the morning.

However, when the guests of the Dusk Wheat who were still around saw Rei, they started talking among themselves.

「Hey, that guy in the robe, did he get promoted to B rank yesterday?」

「Yeah, he’s the one. I heard about it this morning from an adventurer I know well.」

「B rank, huh. I’d try to hire him as an escort if I could.」

「That’s true. You won’t know what kind of monsters might attack in this area near the frontier. And even outside the frontier, having a B rank adventurer as an escort would give you peace of mind in the event you are attacked by vicious bandits, it would also affect your merchant ranking as well.」

「……That said, with how he looks, most people wouldn’t believe him if he said he was a B rank adventurer unless he showed them his guild card.」

「You’re right about that. In fact, I heard that he got dragged into a lot of trouble when he first came to this city because people underestimated him based on how he looked. Most of them regretted it though.」

Rei took a seat as he heard the voices of lone merchants and merchant caravans talk about him from either side.

As if waiting for him, Lana, the inn proprietress, walked over with a smile.

「Good morning. I heard you had a big night last night.」

She placed a glass of cold juice on the table as she greeted Rei.

「Yeah, good morning. I would like breakfast please.」

「You must have eaten and drank until late yesterday, would you like something light for breakfast? Or just a regular one?」

「I’d like a regular breakfast please.」

「Yes, I understand. ……Rei-san, congratulations on your B rank promotion.」

Giving one last smile along with her congratulatory words, Lana returned to the kitchen.

Seeing her leave, Rei drank the fruit juice on the table while waiting for food to be served.

However, as he waited, about 10 people in the room kept glancing over at him. Eventually, one of them stood up and walked over to Rei as if he had made up his mind.

「Um, you are Rei-san, the adventurer who was promoted to B rank yesterday, right?」

The man in his late twenties asked in a polite tone. He couldn’t underestimate Rei as, despite looking like a kid in his mid teens, Rei was still a B rank adventurer.

「Yes, you are?」

Rei prompted the man to continue as he drank his fruit juice and observed him.

(He looks pretty young. But if he’s

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