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Legend Chapter 327

「How about here?」

A green clearing, peculiar to this time of the year as the seasons changed from spring to summer, was spread out in front of Egret’s eyes.

It was located about 30 minutes away from the highway and there weren’t any people in the area aside from Rei’s group.

Seeing the surrounding area, Miroir seemed to agree with Egret. Nodding, she turnd to look at Rei.

「Maybe? I don’t think there should be any problems. It’s away from the highway, so we won’t have to worry about dragging travellers into it.」

Saying that, Rei nodded as he continued to speak with a smile.

「And here, we won’t have to worry about other adventurers aiming to collect the bounty intruding.」

「Hmm, we definitely won’t need to worry about that, but I’m concerned about how big the Lemrace might be. It’s fine to move it here, but if the monster is big enough that it can be seen from the highway, other people would naturally see it.」

「But, even though you say that, it’s the same anywhere else, right? Since we don’t know how big the Lemrace is, we’ll have to consider this place acceptable.」

While hearing Hendeka’s response to Miroir, Egret turned to look at Rei.

「Well, Rei is the one in charge of all this, so what are your thoughts Rei?」

「I don’t have any particular problems with this place. We’ll continue to look around a bit more after this, but for now, this is the most likely location.」

Rei was satisfied with the location. It was located far from the road and wasn’t easy to find. Considering the surrounding area was grassland, it would work in favour of Set and Shen, who could attack from the sky.

「I had considered the possibility of intruders, but I don’t think that will be a problem.」

Rei nodded as he thought of the group from earlier.

In the end, the group had been attacked by monster and didn’t continue following them, so he wasn’t particularly worried. However, it wasn’t a mistake to consider countermeasures against such people as the same thing might not happen next time and they might be targeted again after today.

「That said, those guys are probably aiming for my item box, so I don’t know if they’ll try to interfere in a fight against the Lemrace.」

「……In that case, why did you go out of your way to use your item box in the city?」

Miroir asked in a somewhat dumbfounded manner. However, Rei just shrugged his shoulders as he replied.

「It would be stupid to be scared of using such a convenient magic item. If I was going to do that, I might as well not use it from the beginning. At the very least, I don’t want to have to use a magic item that I have to be careful and scared using every time.」

「But, a group of them might come to try and take it from you?」

「Then I just have to give them what they deserve.」

Saying that much, Rei gave a grin.

(However, there’s a high chance they’ll just end up getting attacked by monsters like the group from before.)


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