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Legend Chapter 357

The others watched as Rei and Set rushed up into the sky to scout, taken away by Set’s leisurely appearance before starting work on what they needed to do.

The drivers of each carriage moved them to one place while the guild examiner, Residence, and the nobles, Marka, Alnicht and Orkide gathered about 10m away from the carriages. The remaining three participants, Roble, Stee and Ons stood between midway between the carriages and the nobles, ready to get into action should either side get attacked.

「Seriously, why did they bother to move so far away from the carriages. If you think about how much trouble it is to guard them, it would have been easier if they just stayed there. It would also make it easier to protect them in case something happened.」

Roble clicked his tongue as he stabbed the shaft of his spear into the grassland.

Stee smiled at her lover and spoke up to calm him down.

「It can’t be helped. The target monster in this rank up test is weak. Perhaps guarding them will be graded as part of the test. Don’t skimp out just because you don’t get along with them.」

「Yeah, of course I wouldn’t cut any corners, as much as I would like to. More importantly……」

Muttering that, he turned to look at Ons, who was a short distance away, daggers in both hands as he watched his surroundings.

「I’m not confident in being able to work well together with him. Whatever I say, he’s always silent.」

「……That might be so, but since he’s taking the rank up test, he definitely has the skill. We don’t have a lot of people, so we have to cooperate where we can.」

「Then, why don’t we get that Coan guy to help us? He looks pretty good at what he does.」

「Of course he is, he’s the bodyguard of a duke’s daughter.」

「A duke’s daughter, what is a kid like that doing here……」

To Roble and Stee, Marka was nothing more than a child. In actual fact, she was a skilled mage, but unlike Elena, who was well known as the General Princess, few people had heard of Marka’s name. Because of that, the two of them from Gilm could not have known what the name Marka Quent represented.

「Now then, it’s time for the real thing. What do you think so far?」

Over where the nobles had gathered, away from Roble and Stee. Residence asked the people around him.

「I have no doubts about Rei’s skill. I will need to see the skill of the remaining three when they fight the Bicorns.」

The first to answer was Marka. Rei, her friend, was the first one to be brought up as Residence nodded in agreement.

「Certainly, Rei has the strength to be considered in the B rank. However, as you know, B rank adventurers aren’t gauged only on their combat strength, but also on their courtesy towards nobility and royalty and, above all, their ability to make decisions in times of crisis. Regarding Rei, his skill is unquestionable. However, his manners are a problem. The only thing left is his decision making. However, I’m not sure if I

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