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Legend Chapter 371

「So this is the village Ara told me about. ……There really aren’t many people here.」


At Rei’s words, Set gave a cry in agreement as he walked alongside.

After two weeks of travel from Gilm, he arrived at the village where he was going to contact Elena.

What surprised Rei more than anything was that the gatekeeper at the entrance to the village was not afraid of Set, despite being surprised to see him.

Most of the cities that Rei had gone to in the past had some form of threat in the vicinity. That was why quite a few would panic upon seeing Set, a Griffon.

「Well, I guess that’s the sign of a peaceful village.」

Looking around, he could see that the village was quite expansive.

Because the farmlands were located within the village grounds, it had an idyllic feel to it. Most of the people were still working in the fields under the summer heat and very few noticed Rei and Set.

Those that did notice greeted them without any sign of fear.

Even the children came up to them with happy shouts when they saw Set.

(I guess there really aren’t any threats near this village.)

Rei thought to himself as he watched several children petting Set.

Because this was far from the frontier, the threat of monsters was much less compared to Gilm. Duke Kerebel, who ruled this area, had also kept bandit at bay, which was why the area was so quiet.

As they walked through the village, Rei called out to a man who happened to pass them by.

「Excuse me, could you tell me where the bar is in this village?」

「What? Going to the bar in the middle of the day? Ah no, I can understand why you’d want to have a drink and enjoy yourself in this weather……must be nice being a traveller. The monster you have with you is also quite cute.」

The villager with a hoe looked over towards Set enviously.

At first glance, the village might be described as quiet and idyllic. But even so, farming under the blazing sun was quite unbearable.

(I don’t even like alcohol, but why am I being seen as a daytime drunk?)

Rei, who wasn’t a big fan of alcohol, replied as he gave a sigh in his mind.

「I just arrived at this village. I want to go to the bar to collect some information.」

「Hmm, well, I guess that’s fine. There’s only one bar in this village you know? As you can see, it’s a small village.」

「That’s convenient.」


The man seemed quite puzzled as Rei realised that he wouldn’t need to look through several bars.

Rei shook his head to indicate it was nothing before asking for directions to the bar.

Given the size of the village, it was only natural that there would only be a single bar, but that made it convenient for Rei as he didn’t need to search through several bars to find the person who had a means of contacting Elena.

「So, I’ve got some work to do, I’ll leave you on your way. It’s a pretty empty village, but at least you can relax.」

The man with

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