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Legend Chapter 363

It had been several days since the rank up test had ended. Rain clouds covered the sky and there was a light drizzle falling. Rei and the others who had participated in the rank up test arrived at a warehouse like space in Gilm’s back streets.

「Wow, what is this. I’ve been living in Gilm for a long time, but I had no idea there was a place like this in the back streets.」

Roble muttered curiously as Stee slapped his back without agreeing with him.

「Rather than that, let’s get inside the warehouse. We don’t want to get soaked by the rain and catch a cold.」


At Stee’s words, Ons, who was also present, nodded before entering the building with Rei leading the way.

「The owner of this place calls it a dismantling room, if you know what I mean.」

「A warehouse this size……」

Roble muttered as he opened the door and stepped inside.

「Ahahaha. That said, doesn’t a dismantling room sound better than a dismantling warehouse?」

As they entered the building, a young man appeared as he spoke.

Both Roble and Stee knew him.

Ons didn’t know, as he was an adventurer from out of town, but didn’t show any sign as he stayed silent.


Set, who went inside the building with Rei, gave a happy cry when he saw who it was, having not met for a long time.

「Hasta, sorry for borrowing this place so suddenly.」

Rei called out to Hasta, the adventurer they had gone with to hunt Gamelions, a giant carnivorous rabbit, last winter.


「Eh? So this is part of the Satisfied Stomach……?」

Having lived here for a long time, Roble and Stee had both gone to the Satisfied Stomach many times in their lower ranking days and knew Hasta because of that.

「It’s been a while Roble-san, Stee-san. I heard you took the B rank test. Congratulations!」

Hasta bowed his head with a small smile, but Roble shook his head with a smile himself as he replied.

「Don’t say that. We haven’t passed just yet. Save that until they announce it.」

「That’s right. I might have taken the rank up test, but I don’t know if I will pass.」

「I’m sure Roble-san and Stee-san will pass. ……So, more importantly, did Rei-san say you wanted to borrow this place today?」

Seeing that greetings were over, Hasta looked over at Rei and asked.

「Yeah. We want to dismantle the monsters we hunted during the rank up test. Going out of the city is troublesome and, above all, it’s raining. ……Oh right, the silent one over there is Ons. He was an adventurer who took the rank up test with us.」

Turning to look at him, Ons bowed after Rei’s introduction.

「Oh, nice to meet you. I’m Hasta, a D rank adventurer. Um……I’ll be in your care.」

Seeing Ons bow his head, Hasta was a little puzzled at the unfamiliar face.

Of course, Hasta couldn’t remember the faces of all the adventurers in Gilm. Still, he thought that he should have known if it was an adventurer close to B rank.

He had no idea that Ons wa

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