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Legend Chapter 303

「Hmm, it’s going to take another half a month, isn’t it……this is just boring.」

Rei muttered to himself inside a carriage.

When Runo heard his mutter, he turned to look at Rei.

「You say that it will be boring, but can’t you just get on Set and fly back to Gilm first?」

「Well. If I were the only one heading back, I could probably do that. But as long as I’m hired to carry the supplies, I can’t just do whatever I want.」

「That’s true. Not only will order start to disappear, we would also starve to death.」

The knights who was riding in the same carriage replied at Rei’s words.

He was a different knight to the ones who had escorted Rei on the way to the Selemous Plains, but he was still comfortable with Rei as he saw him as a fellow member of the Rowlocks army.

Living in the city of Gilm, where elite adventurers gathered, the knight felt at ease with Rei and wasn’t afraid despite of Rei’s new title. It was because the knight had such a personality that Daska had chosen him to be Rei’s escort.

Yes, right now, Rei and the Rowlocks army had already left the Selemous Plains as they started their journey back to Gilm.

Currently, he was still travelling with Daska, but about half the knights, including Daska, would head to the Royal Capital to attend a ceremony celebrating their victory in the war while the other knights and adventurers went straight back to Gilm.

「Anyway, a ceremony is it?」

「What, are you feeling envious? I thought you weren’t interested in those kinds of things.」

The knight looked at Runo as if he had just seen something unusual.

「Definitely, I’m not interested in troublesome ceremonies, but there will be a lot of luxurious food served at parties as well as dressed up noble girls.」

「……Food? That’s true.」

It was Rei, rather than Runo, who replied to those words. However, Rei’s emphasis was more on the food rather than the dressed up noble girls.

「Sure, if you attended a nobles party, you’d definitely be able to rare dishes. But……you would have to have a lot of merits to attend right? Either that, or you’d have to be a noble like Daska-sama. In that case, you would have been able to enjoy good food and drink if you had attended the party.」

「……So, you want me to get dragged into disputes between nobles? That’s no joke. In that case, even if I don’t get to eat good food, it would be much better to be in Gilm where I can spend my time freely.」

(Especially if I consider Renodis’ parents, I will definitely get dragged into troubles.)

At his own thoughts, the face of a haughty noble passed through his mind.

In the end, the matter of how to deal with Renodis was left entirely in Daska’s hands. Of course, Dask was one of the negotiators with the Aristocratic faction……or rather, the one of the lead negotiators with the Aristocratic faction, so he was more than happy to take care of it.

Thinking of how Egg and Egg’s old friend Verda has been

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