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「Did we escape from that space?」

Elena muttered as she looked at the small room in front of them.

As Rei nodded at Elena’s words, he turned to look at the door as well.

「I think that this room is probably the trigger to trap adventurers in the space loop.」

「Then, that means that the Skeleton Hound lurking in the treasure chest was a fake」

Elena frowned bitterly at the door before letting out a sigh and turning her eyes towards the end of the passage.

「It can’t be helped that we were caught in the trap once. Anyhow, we will keep advancing down the passage. Vel, because there are traps like that, stay very alert.」

「Roger that, roger that. As expected, it would affect my pride if we were to be caught in a similar trap multiple times.」

Vel replied to Elena in a light tone, but his eyes showed that he felt humiliation at being so easily caught in a trap.

A bit further away, Kuust bit his lips as he watched, also feeling humiliated at being caught in the trap.

「Hey, Vel aside, Kuust hasn’t had the training so you don’t need to feel so bad. The two of them are going to go ahead so we can leave it to them.」

Ara patted Kuust, who held his magic spear ready, lightly on the shoulder before following Elena and Rei, who had gone ahead first.

Realising the situation, Vel and Kuust also hurried after them.

「……Honestly, it hurts my pride to fall into a trap so easily.」

「Hmph, you barely have any pride left.」

「Hey Kuust, isn’t that a bit nasty? That aside, I’m more wondering why you are mortified at.」

「Because I, who am a noble, fell into the trap of a monster, it is natural that I would feel humiliated.」

Listening to Kuust’s words, which were bitterly spat out, Vel gave a wry smile as he took the water bottle from his waist and moistened his throat.

「Hey, you can take a drink as well. There’s no use being angry at such a place. Both of us will take more care next time.」


While giving a snort, he received the water bottle and drank a mouthful to moisten his mouth and throat before passing it back to Vel.

While talking like that, they caught up with Elena and rebuilt the formation of vanguard, middle guard and rearguard before advancing cautiously.

「Given the previous trap, we should think that there are still other traps. Everyone take care. Vel, concentrate on looking for traps instead of watching the surroundings please. As long as nothing big comes out, with Set here, we will be on guard against the surroundings.」


Set gave a cry saying leave it to me and went forward with Rei.

They advanced like this for about 10 minutes……


Set gave a deep cry as he looked down he passage.

「An immediate enemy. Because they didn’t think we could break through the space loop so fast, they rushed to intercept us……is that it?」

「Well then, that possibility is high but we can’t be careless.」

Elena held her sword whip as she replied to Vel. T

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