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Legend Chapter 10

When the morning sun had risen, Set shook Rei’s body, which was leaning against him, and gave a cry to wake him.

「Nn? Set……is it?」


When he looked around while rubbing his eyes, he understood that it was early morning as the sun could already be seen.

「Morning. ……I was able to sleep better than I thought.」

While saying so, he got up to ascertain the condition of his body. He had moved around a lot just before sleeping but he didn’t have any muscle pains.


He turned around at Set’s voice, a water ball was floating there. It was for him to wash his face.


Rei briefly said thanks. After washing his face, he left it to dry naturally as the night before.

He then cooked some Water Bear meat for breakfast at the campfire, which was still burning as Set had looked after it while he was asleep. Sharing the last two Clara Fruits, the preparations for departure were complete.

「Well, I think we should leave soon……you were on lookout last night, are you physically okay?」


No problems at all, Set cried in response to Rei’s question.

Although a normal griffon would show some fatigue if it stayed up all night, Set was a griffon made with Rei’s vast magic power using the Magic Beast Art. He could stay up for a week without problems, let alone one night. Of course, he would have to spend the next few days resting if he did that.

「I see. Then let’s go immediately.」


Like the time in the forest, Set lowered his back and urged Rei to get on. While holding the Death Scythe, Rei gently stroked Set’s back to show his appreciation.


With a high pitched cry, he flapped his wings, took a run up of several steps and went up into the sky. After reaching a sufficient altitude, Set turned his neck around to look at Rei, who was sitting on his back.


Which way to go? Rei pointed south when Set asked. Although he didn’t know if it was reliable, Zepairu’s knowledge indicated that if they kept going south for a few days, there would be a large town……so it said.

Rei had already judged Zepairu’s knowledge as unreliable and only thought of it as a reference. But still, there was a difference between having a reference and not having one.

「To the south.」


Set gave a sharp cry in response to Rei’s words and flapped its wings to take a path straight south.


Looking at the view from Set’s back, he unintentionally said those words.

Extending before Rei’s eyes was a blue sky and an endless green carpet. Human constructs such as towns and villages could not be seen as far as the eyes could see.

Even if he said he was born in and grew up in a country town in Tohoku, there naturally were houses in the vicinity. The town could still be commuted to by bicycle. To Rei, the world of nature that extended before his eyes was the first he had seen in his life.


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